Queen Latifah Shares Rare Tupac Story Involving Humpty Dumpty

Sharing more than one rare Tupac story was Queen Latifah who appeared on Sway In The Morning, revealing Tupac created the Humpty dance.

Queen Latifah, before sharing rare Tupac stories, remembered Shakur’s love and loyalty. “That was like my little brother. If Tupac loved you. If he met you and messed with you right there on the spot then there’s nothing he would not do for you. He would go all out for you, like he knew you for twenty years.”

Tupac’s big break into the music scene came with the help from Shock G’s Digital Underground. But, Tupac’s contribution to the iconic group was also just as impactful. As told by Queen Latifah when she appeared on Sway In The Morning, Tupac gifted DU their infamous dance.

“He was honest. He went through his things,” Latifah recalled. “He was so talented. He created the humpty dance. He made up the humpty dance. Like I saw him made the humpty dance.”

According to Latifah, Tupac used the classic Humpty Dumpty nursing rhyme to create the Humpty Dance. In the rhyme, Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall and had a great fall. Tupac visioned what Humpty would look like falling off  the wall and instantly created Digital Underground’s Humpty dance.

“So, Tupac… the plan was, he was gonna say his rhyme’s and everything and at the end of the show he was gonna jump into the audience. He jumped into the audience to leave, to run basically, but the damn spotlight followed him,” Latifah remembered. “He would’ve made it but the spotlight stayed on him the whole way and the police was like snatched.”

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