Regina King Approached By Cops First Time She Met 2Pac

Actress Regina King appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live where she spoke about the very first time she met 2Pac and how they were approached by police.

Regina who worked with 2Pac and Janet Jackson on the John Singleton film Poetic Justice, met Shakur at a table read for the movie. “I was on the way to the table read and I got into a really bad accident, so I didn’t have a car after the table read,” Regina recalls. “Q-Tip asked me if I want a ride. I said no.”

As she turned down Q-Tip’s offer, Regina was asked by 2Pac which she did not turn down. “We were going to have so many scenes together and I thought it was a good idea to get to know him.

Regina (Lesha) played the role of Janet Jackson’s (Justice) best friend who was dating a friend of Tupac (Lucky) named Chicago played by Joe Torry. During the film, Lesha and Lucky were at odds.

The two had a great time, but never expected what they would face next to close out the night. “We pulled over in Santa Monica at a phone booth to look at a phone book because we was trying to find a restaurant or something. I can’t remember what we were trying to find,” Regina King explains.

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Next thing you know, the police approached Regina King and 2Pac questioning them. “Came up to us and they were asking us, ‘So you’re here to buy drugs? What are you doing here? What are you doing here in the neighborhood? When was the last time you smoke crack?’,” Regina said. “That was the first day Pac and I met each other.”

Poetic Justice would reach number one at the box office its opening weekend, grossing $11 million.


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