Scarface Praises Symba For Checking Flex Over Tupac Disrespect

Bay area rapper, Symba, was praised by Scarface for checking Funkmaster Flex over constantly disrespecting Tupac.

One of rap’s brightest new stars, Symba, has had an incredible year making a name for himself. Appearing on just about every platform for an interview and freestyles, none was more memorable than his appearance on Hot 97.

This past September, Symba appeared on Hot 97 for Funkmaster Flex’s 142nd freestyle episode. During these episodes, Flex gives an artist an opportunity to show off their rap skills over random beats. Symba ensured he took full advantage of the opportunity to not only show his rap skills, but to rep for one of his all time favorites, Tupac Shakur.

Scarface Praises Symba For Checking Flex Over Tupac Disrespect
Symba (Hot 97/YouTube)

Flex, it’s a honor to meet you but let’s be clear / I done had a bone to pick with yo’ a** for four years,” rapped Symba. “You say some wild s***, most times you actually right / But all that disrespecting Tupac sh*t stops tonight.”

Over the years Funk Flex has voiced his opinions about Tupac with many feeling the New York DJ has gone too far, especially with Tupac not being here to defend himself. Cutting Symba’s freestyling before allowing the young rapper to proceed, Flex ended up apologizing for disrespecting Tupac.

The freestyle came a day after the 26th anniversary of Tupac passing away. “Yesterday made 26 years since Pac died… it was only right that I let @funkflex know how I felt about his comments on the goat 🐐,” Symba wrote on his IG caption sharing the viral clip.

Praised by many including Outlawz member E.D.I. Mean, there was another hip hop artist who also gave the stamp of approval. As seen in the video clip, Scareface and Symba meet each other for the very first time over facetime.

View: Symba To Funkmaster Flex: Disrespecting Tupac Stops Tonight!

“You didn’t have to do flex like that, but you did that tho. It take a n**** with some nuts to tell a mothaf*****how he feels about him to his face,” Said Scarface on the video call. Scarface’s praise doesn’t come as a surprise as he and Tupac shared a close bond and also recording music together.


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