Snoop Compares Recruiting Tupac To LeBron And Anthony Davis

Snoop Dogg compares himself to LeBron James when talking about how he recruited Tupac to Death Row records.

Since Tupac’s passing there has been debate on who really got him out on bail. For long many believed it was Suge Knight who put up the $1.4 million dollar bail to set Tupac free. While this appears to be true, according to Snoop Dogg, it was he who made the call.

“Suge was told by Snoop Dogg, ‘Cuz we need to get cuz and put him on our team.’ We hearing bad s*** about him behind the wall and we have no proof whether it’s real or not,” said Snoop Dogg on Off Air With Big Boy. “But we do know is, you are powerful and we got great attorney’s and if there’s a way for the system will be able to move for us and get him with us.”

Tupac and Snoop Dogg (MTV/1996)
Tupac and Snoop Dogg (MTV/1996)

He added, “We need him with us, because our team is the s***, but I think like LeBron James. What can make us better? This motherf***** Anthony Davis. Oh lord. Oh yeah, go get him.”

Snoop’s recollection differs from that of Suge Knight who claims it was Tupac’s ex-wife Keisha Morris who played a key role in Tupac coming to Death Row records. Tupac and Keisha, who met in their early 20s, decided to get married on April 29, 1995, four months after Shakur started his sentence. The marriage eventually came to an end and was annulled 10 months later.

According to Suge Knight Morris called the Death Row offices in 1995 and contacted him personally. “Tupac said the only person who can help him is you. Please come see him so you can get him out of prison,” Knight said in a 2018 interview with YouTube channel Jmix.

Regardless of how much Snoop Dogg factored into Tupac joining Death Row records, Shakur was set free. Tupac and Snoop Dogg would collaborate on the hit 2 Of Amerikas Most Wanted. When all appeared to be well with Death Row’s top artists, the Dogg Father and Tupac had a fallout days before Shakur’s death.

“A week before he died we was best of friends. Two days before he died, I don’t think he liked me,” explained Snoop on Off Air With Big Boy. “Because we was in New York. S*** had happened. New York n***** had shot at me and did all kind of s*** to me. Just the worst things you could think of and I forgave them. And went and did an interview and was asked how I felt about Puffy and Biggie, and I was like I like them n*****. I wanna do some music with them and that just rubbed cuz the wrong way.”


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