Snoop Dogg Interviewed In Tupac’s Vegas Hospital Room

Allen Hughes’ “Dear Mama” docuseries based on Tupac and Afeni Shakur will featured an interview with Snoop Dogg in Tupac’s hospital room in Vegas.

The highly anticipated FX docuseries “Dear Mama” appears to be finally airing in Spring of 2023. The 5-part series has been in production for about four years. Over those years, the Allen Hughes directed docuseries has had multiple setbacks with its released date being pushed back more than once. The pandemic indeed created a major hurdle for the Tupac and Afeni docuseries, but that hasn’t stopped Hughes from putting together what could be a pure masterpiece.

Part of the recipe to make the docuseries a masterpiece, will be those involved sharing their stories. Jasmine Guy, Jamal Joseph, Tim Roth, Mike Tyson, Mickey Rourke have been confirmed, along with family members will also contribute to the 5-part series.

Tupac and Snoop Dogg @ 1996 MTV VMA
Tupac and Snoop Dogg @ 1996 MTV VMA

Snoop Dogg is all set to appear on “Dear Mama,” and could provide the docuseries with one of the most memorable and emotional parts of the series. Tupac and Snoop Dogg had a great relationship inside and outside the booth, that unfortunately ended with Tupac highly upset at the Dogg Father.

Tupac was not thrilled to hear Snoop Dogg on Hot 97 stating that he had no issues with Biggie Smalls and Puff Daddy. The interview occurred a day after the MTV VMA’s which took place in New York. Tupac expressed his displeasure as he quickly distanced himself from Snoop. The two never were able to work things out as Tupac was shot and killed days later.

Now in the upcoming “Dear Mama” docuseries, Snoop Dogg is interviewed in the very same room where Tupac laid in Vegas. In fact, it is the very same room in which Snoop Dogg last spoke to Tupac as well. Although Tupac was in a coma, Snoop believes their spirits spoke.

Hughes had previously talked to Deadline where he detailed the emotional interview. An interview with a setting he was not pushing for, but instead Snoop Dogg was committed to. “It was tearful, and I never seen Snoop like this. He started…and I just want to be careful about how I’m wording this because it was very spiritual, what he was saying, and it was very heartfelt, and it was deeper than what he had said before.”

“He says, ‘I know he couldn’t hear me, but my spirit was talking to his, I went in there with the right spirit, I was talking to his spirit, I wasn’t talking to him, it was difficult because there’s like, there’s this different kind of feeling, man, when it’s one of your friends, and he’s right there, and you know, we’re just talking, and he goes, and you know, you’re just talking to his spirit, and there ain’t nothing you can really do but just try to get to that…that real love across so that, he says, so that way his spirit can take that…’ And then when we cut, I went back and…because he wears sunglasses, and the people that monitored were like did you see his eyes? And I said I was in the moment, I didn’t see, and everyone was really moved and in tears. It was just, again, another example of like how someone who I had interviewed before, and it would happen to be something that I didn’t even want to talk about, it just went to another more meaningful place.”

Last year on Christmas Day, FX released a new official teaser and new release date for “Dear Mama.” “Afeni had the vision, Tupac shared it with the world. FX’s @DearMamaFX, a new docuseries. This Spring on @FXNetworks. Stream on Hulu. #DearMamaFX,” read the caption on Instagram.


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