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Snoop Dogg Visits 2Pac’s Last Hospital Room For New Docuseries

According to director Allen Hughes, Snoop Dogg was interviewed in the same hospital room where 2Pac spent his final days.

Snoop Dogg Visits 2Pac's Last Hospital Room For News Docuseries

According to director Allen Hughes, Snoop Dogg was interviewed in the same hospital room where 2Pac spent his final days.

The special heartfelt arrangement was for the upcoming 2Pac and Afeni Shakur documentary Outlaw: The Saga Of The Shakurs set to premiere in 2022 via FX.

Snoop Dogg Inducts 2Pac at the 2017 Rock And Roll Hall of Fame
Snoop Dogg (Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty Images)

Initially Allen Hughes was not for having Snoop Dogg revisit the hospital room in which he last saw his friend and label mate. But, the DoggFather was all for it, said Hughes to the Deadline.

“It was tearful, and I never seen Snoop like this. He started…and I just want to be careful about how I’m wording this because it was very spiritual, what he was saying, and it was very heartfelt, and it was deeper than what he had said before,” Hughes explained. “And then when we cut, I went back and…because he wears sunglasses, and the people that monitored were like did you see his eyes? And I said I was in the moment, I didn’t see, and everyone was really moved and in tears.”

Hughes has resumed filming for the 5-part docuseries, after production came to a halt due to the pandemic. (View: Allen Hughes Resumes Filming For Tupac And Afeni Docuseries) With that came a positive, as Hughes believes the on-camera interviews have resulted in more “rich” responses.

Snoop Dogg and Tupac at the MTV Awards 1996 (Rex Features)
Snoop Dogg and 2Pac at the MTV Awards 1996 (Rex Features)

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Tim Roth, Mike Tyson, and Mickey Rourke will all appear in the docuseries and give their personal insight to the icon 2Pac. Just as Snoop did, as explained by Allen Hughes in his interview with Deadline. “He says, ‘I know he couldn’t hear me, but my spirit was talking to his, I went in there with the right spirit, I was talking to his spirit, I wasn’t talking to him, it was difficult because there’s like, there’s this different kind of feeling, man, when it’s one of your friends, and he’s right there, and you know, we’re just talking, and he goes, and you know, you’re just talking to his spirit, and there ain’t nothing you can really do but just try to get to that…that real love across so that, he says, so that way his spirit can take that.'”



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