Spice 1 Addresses Tupac Going To Club “Peanuts”

Bay Area rap legend Spice-1 recently responded back to those questioning Tupac paying a visit to club “Peanuts.”

Tupac will always have certain individuals who continue to hate on arguably the G.O.A.T. of hip hop. But with that hate, also comes those who continue to stand up for Makaveli Tha Don. Spice 1, has always represented for Tupac and has never been shy against those attempting to tarnish his legacy. Collaborating on songs such as “Jealousy Got Me Strapped” and “Can’t Turn Back,” Tupac and Spice 1 formed a close bond that was quite evident.

Appearing on No Jumper, Spice 1 once again finds himself standing up for his dear friend. The Bay Area rapper addressed those questioning Tupac for attending club “Peanuts” back in the day. It all started when hip hop icon Queen Latifah shared a never-before-heard story involving Tupac. According to Latifah, she and Tupac spent a lot of time together touring as the two were labelmates. Referring to Tupac as her brother, Latifah on Hot Ones recalled going to a gay club with Tupac.

Spice 1 Addresses Tupac Going To Club "Peanuts"
Spice 1 (No Jumper/YouTube)

“I was in San Francisco doing a show,” she recalled. “It was my first show over $10,000, which was a New Year’s Eve show at this cool gay club in San Francisco. I was like, ‘Yo I’m here!’ So Tupac came to the club with me. I was like, ‘Yo, Tupac is in the building!'” (View: Tupac And Queen Latifah At Gay Club In San Francisco)

Spice 1 quickly shut down any false narratives. According to Spice, he also visited the gay club. “We all went to Peanuts. I sit in Peanuts looking at al the lesbians like, ‘Hey baby you think you wanna change over this time,” explained Spice 1 on No Jumper.

As far as Tuapc’s rapping abilities and all he accomplished, Spice says Tupac raised the bar. “He did all that before he was 25 y,” said Spice 1. “If you’re over 25 and you’re trying to compare yourself to Tupac, you already lost.”


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