T.I. Says He Is A Hybrid Of Tupac, Jay-Z, Diddy And Snoop Dogg

Appearing on Club Shay Shay, rapper and actor T.I. praised artists that inspired him such as Tupac, Diddy, Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z.

For T.I., his dominance and contribution to the mid 2000s hip hop scene consisted of albums such as “Urban Legend” and “King.” Both of which peaked at number one on various Billboard Charts. According to the multi-talented artist, the success can be credited to his ability to soak up game from legends in hip hop, some of which he claims he is a hybrid of.

T.I. Says He Is A Hybrid Of Tupac, Jay-Z, Diddy And Snoop Dogg
T.I. (YouTube)

“One day I was called the Jay-Z of the south. That was a phrase that was coined by Pharrell. I see myself as a hybrid between, I guess Jay, ‘Pac, Puff and like a Snoop. I take pages out of the books of legends,” said T.I. to host Shannon Sharpe.

One of those artists listed, T.I. has been linked with more than the others. Back in 2006, the Atlanta native appeared on Tupac’s last posthumous release. Featured on the self-titled track “Pac’s Life,” T.I. joined Ashanti on the lead single.

Ten years later, and T.I. had the honor of participating in Tupac’s inductee ceremony to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. T.I. would go on to perform Tupac’s iconic hit single “Keep Ya Head Up” live in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

The “Whatever You Like” rapper also stood up for Tupac back in 2017, when Funkmaster Flex went live on Hot 97 and voiced his opinions about Tupac mishandling his 1994 shooting in Quad Studios. Flex who did not hold back his anger for Tupac, was met with serious backlash, including a response from T.I.

“Considering they ain’t here to speak up for themselves. When he was alive, you was da air then. . . that was the time to address this. NOT HERE, NOT NOW, NOT LIKES THIS!!,” wrote T.I.

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During his interview with Club Shay Shay, T.I.P. also credited others for his success. “I’ve been fortunate enough and just blessed enough to have these relationships where I can see it and engage and soak up game with people like E-40. People like Too Short. People Ice Cube,” said T.I. also listing the likes of Russell Simons, Master P, J. Prince. “So, I can take a page out of the book when necessary.”

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