Tupac A Snitch? Ed Lover Explains, Outlawz Member Responds

On his C’mon Son podcast, Ed Lover talks about Tupac and Biggie with guest Michael Rapaport, where Ed Lover says Tupac snitched.

Former MTV VJ, Ed Lover has been a staple in the New York hip hop scene for decades and has been fortunate to have memories with both Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur. For guest comedian and actor, Michael Rapaport, he was able to meet Tupac at the Poetic Justice wrap up party, but never had the chance to meet the Notorious B.I.G.

Reflecting on those good times was Ed Lover, “There’s a lot of time I was with B.I.G. and ‘Pac together, we were always laughing about something. That dude [Biggie] loved to laugh. He loved to joke.” The radio personality also stated that Big Stretch was always around during those times.

“We were always together. When Pac touched down, what people don’t realize we didn’t really have cellphones like that. We had the two-way pagers,” explained Ed Love on “So you two-way them, ‘Yo I’m at the airport somebody come swoop me’. We scoop him [Tupac].”

Tupac A Snitch? Ed Lover Explains, Outlawz Member Responds

As we all know, Tupac and Biggie’s friendship took a turn for the worse after Tupac was shot five times in Quad Studios. According to Ed Lover, Tupac’s attack on Biggie Smalls, shocked the Brooklyn rapper. “Why is this happening? I did nothing to dude,” Ed Lover recalls Biggie’s response to Tupac’s actions. Ed Lover went as far as saying Tupac snitched and called out names during a Vibe magazine interview which led to him being shot in Quad Studios.

Responding back to Ed Lover’s claims, was Outlawz member E.D.I. Mean. “Two way pagers weren’t out when Pac was alive making this interview flawed at best,” E.D.I. said on IG. “Also in the Vibe interview Pac never said any names @edlover come on son!!”

Some of those flawed moments in the segment was Ed Lover calling Tupac a snitch. Nowhere in the Vibe interview conducted by Kevin Powell did Tupac mention any names. In fact, the Vibe interview was conducted and released in April 1995 after Tupac’s 1994 Quad Studios shooting.

“BIG had nothing to do with setting ‘Pac up. Nothing to do with that. That came from whoever booked that studio time. That came from Jimmy Henchman talking to Haitian Jack, and everybody f***ing knows that,” said Ed Lover. “It was because Pac talked in that Vibe Magazine article when that rape, sexual assault happened. He named names, and where we come from that’s snitching.”

Ed Lover also stated Biggie Smalls was the one who placed Shakur’s gun inside a piano in Quad Studios, contradicting Lil Shawn who claims it was he who hide the gun. “The Police was like, ‘We know that there are guns up here. We gonna search this floor.’ I heard that. And there was this one guy. This short guy,” recalled Lil Shawn on Drink Champs. “I walked up to him and I was like, ‘You good?’ He was like, ‘Yeah.’ I was like, ‘Come with me in the back.’ I brought him into what they call the live room.” After searching the individual, Lil Shawn came across a gun which he took and placed into a piano.

Watch the video clip below.


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