Tupac And Queen Latifah At Gay Club In San Francisco

Queen Latifah did not fail to share never-before-heard stories about Tupac, including the time he and Tupac attended a Gay club in San Francisco.

Everyday it seems someone has a story shared about Tupac during various interviews. Some repeat the same stories over and over again ad nauseam. But, this time around Queen Latifah gave fans something they never knew before when she appeared on Hot Ones.

According to Latifah who was Tupac’s labelmate at Tommy Boy records, she and Shakur spent a lot of time together including touring. On this particular day, Latifah was set to hit the club and invited Tupac.

Tupac And Queen Latifah At Gay Club In San Francisco
Queen Latifah on Hot Ones

“I was in San Francisco doing a show,” she recalled. “It was my first show over $10,000, which was a New Year’s Eve show at this cool gay club in San Francisco. I was like, ‘Yo I’m here!’ So Tupac came to club with me. I was like, ‘Yo, Tupac is in the building!'”

Tupac had no problem in supporting his good friend, Latifah. “They went crazy in there,” she said. “They like, ‘Take off your clothes!’ He took his shirt off anywhere. We had so much fun. But that was like my brother and he’s the type of person if he loved you, if he was cool with you, he’d lay his life down for you. I miss him and I love him. Good times. And we were probably high.”

Queen Latifah would also appear in the movie Juice with Tupac and Treach. During her Hot Ones interview, Latifah shared a story about the two artists.

“I was signed to Tommy Boy Records. Digital Underground was signed to Tommy Boy Records. Initially, I took Treach on the road as my roadie,” she said. “Treach went on to head Naughty By Nature and Tupac was pretty much a roadie with Digital. And he became a rapper in the group and made up the Humpty Dance, and they made the song ‘The Humpty Dance,’ which Tupac created the dance to and it became a smash hit.”


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