Tupac Confession Stories Told By Salt-N-Pepa Shocks Interviewer

Legendary hip hop group Salt-N-Pepa appeared on Hip Hop Confessions where they detail and confess their rare Tupac stories.

Tupac stories are revealed and told practically daily by those who had the opportunity to interact with the hip hop icon. Despite more than 26 years of stories being told, rare Tupac moments continue to surface. Contributing to these rare stories were Salt-N-Pepa when appearing on Hip Hip Confessions. Luckily for the hip hop legendary group, they have not one but three Tupac stories.

Salt-N-Pepa on Hip Hop Confessions
Salt-N-Pepa (Hip Hop Confessions)

“Something hip hop related to me that I really never said to anybody which was an amazing thing with me, Tupac had met my daughter. I guess he was very impressed with her. I don’t know if she battered her big pretty eyes at him, but he thought she was really cute,” said Salt when asked to share rare hip hop related stories.

“Little somethin’ for my godson Elijah and a little girl named Corin” – Tupac

“In the beginning of Keep Ya Head Up, he dedicated the song to her and a little boy named Elijah. So my daughter Corin, is the Corin that he dedicated that song to.”

Tupac forced to cover his face for cameo appearance

Salt-N-Pepa also touched on Tupac’s cameo appearance in their 1993 single Whatta Man. Although Shakur appeared in the video for the single along with Treach of Naughty By Nature, Tupac’s face was purposely covered. Tupac’s legal woes had record label execs not wanting his image to affect Salt-N-Peppa’s rise in the music industry.

Tupac and Salt, 'Whatta Man' music video
Tupac and Salt, ‘Whatta Man’ music video

“It was crazy because, if you look closely to the video, of course I was with Pepa. Tupac was with Salt,” Treach explained when speaking with Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97. “The original one they had, they kind of cut his face, cause at the same time he was going through that bogus case, sexual assault charge. He had a side view. All the fans knew it was him. His full face wasn’t seen as it was in the original.”

Tupac’s shocking gift to Salt-N-Pepa was also shared. The hip hop group had just won their first Grammy and were congratulated with a gift personally by Tupac Shakur. “We were in the road and he had a gift for us,” Pepa explains. “We won a Grammy. Tupac came to the dressing room with a cake, but the cake was made in the shape of a machine gun. We were like Okayyy.” Both looking back in laughter, Salt add, “We didn’t know if he was congratulating or threatening us.”


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