Tupac’s Final Hour, Memorable MTV Moment Retold By ED Lover

ED Lover recently appeared on VLAD TV where he recalled speaking to Tupac on the infamous Vegas night where Shakur lost his life.

Tupac and ED Lover go way back to when Shakur was filming Juice. From there on the friendship built with ups and downs over the course of time. ED Lover is also remembered for covering Tupac’s mouth when he was a VJ for Yo! MTV Raps back in the early nineties.

After getting himself into an altercation with the Hughes brothers, Shakur appeared on Yo! MTV Raps in 1993 and had this to say, “They fired me but did it in a around about punk snitch way. So I caught them in the streets and beat their behinds.” At this point Tupac would become animated and say he was “a menace to the Hughes brothers”. Only then to be restrained by Ed Lover.

Tupac's Final Hour, Memorable MTV Moment Retold By ED Lover
ED Lover (VLAD TV)

“He came on and I was like dude is just incriminating the crap out of himself. And, that’s the infamous me putting my hand over Pac’s mouth,” the former MTV VJ told Shawn Perez for VLAD TV.

Lover also spoke about his last moments with Tupac. Lover saw Shakur in the Casino that night on September 7th 1996. This is the exact casino where Shakur and the Death Row entourage stomped out Orlando Anderson. “When they was leaving out, after police came, they was leaving out,” ED Lover explained. “Pac and them come through. Pac, the whole crew and Suge to say what’s up.”

ED Lover, who became aware of the incident that had just occurred with Orlando Anderson, asked Tupac about it. According to the former radio personality, Tupac shrugged off the incident saying, ‘Ah it ain’t nothing.’

Given the tense time because of the East West coast beef, ED Lover a native of New York thought twice about the invitation and decided not to attend Club 662. Unfortunately it didn’t matter. No one would make to Club 662, as Shakur was gunned down on his way. “I got the call the next day. Somebody had told me Pac got shot that night and I kind of brushed it off. It wasn’t the first time he got shot,” ED Lover said. “I thought he would make it.”


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