Tupac’s Last Song Recorded Before Vegas Recalled By Spice-1

In a recent interview, Spice-1 recalls working on Tupac’s last song recorded before his death which also featured Kokane, Kadafi and E.D.I. Mean.

Spice-1, a staple in Bay Area hip hop, appeared on 93.5 Kday for a special interview. The in-person interview took place on the day the world remembered Nipsey Hussle‘s at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

During the interview, Spice-1 reflected on his friend Tupac Shakur and how the two insistently clicked. In fact, Spice-1 still has the original “2Pac” hat in which Tupac gave to him personally. The hat which is now more than 28 years old and sits in Spice-1’s home till this day.

Spice-1 remembers Tupac's last song recorded
Spice 1 (93.5 Kday)

Spice-1 also remembers the last time he ever saw Tupac. This would also be the time Tupac recorded his last song before his death. According to eh Bay Area rapper, Tupac wanted to record “Fame” for weeks, but was unable to due to his busy schedule.

One thing we all adore
Something worth dyin’ for
Nothin’ but pain, stuck in this game
Searchin’ for fortune and fame
Something we all adore
Something worth dyin’ for
It’s been nothin’ but pain, stuck in this game
Searchin’ for fortune and fame
,” Tupac on ‘Fame.’

“It was me and Kokane. ‘Pac loved Kokane,” recalls Spice-1. “‘Pac was like go get Koka. So you know, I went and got him and came through the set of that movie he was doing with Jim Belushi. The last movie he did, Gang Related.”

After clowning Tupac for his cop outfit as Shakur was in character portraying officer Rodriguez in the Jim Kouf directed film, Spice-1 recalls heading to the studio. “After that he was like, ‘Man, we need to go to the studio and record a song I’ve been thinking about doing for like weeks. It’s just stuck in my head. I want to record it and I need Kokane on here,” said Spice-1 on 93.5 Kday.

In the studio, Spice-1 was surprised to see an enormous painting on the wall. “He had this painting on the wall and it was weird. It was a painting of Biggie. It was a pig and it had Biggie’s head on it and then it was a snake and it had Puff’s head on it,” recalled the Bay Area legend. “I was like, Okay, he must not like this motherf***** Biggie much. I guess it was on back then anyway.”

Spice-1 believes, along with Kokane, Tupac would go on to record his very last song that evening.
Entitled “Fame,” the song also featured Outlawz members Yaki Kadafi and E.D.I. Mean. Years later the song was released on Tupac’s 2003 posthumous album, “Better Dayz.” Spice-1, Kokane, E.D.I. Mean were removed from the released version as Napoleon, Young Noble and Kastro were added.

This was the very last time Spice-1 would ever see Tupac. Days later Tupac was shot on the Vegas strip after attending a Mike Tyson boxing match. Unfortunately Tupac would lose his life 6 days later.


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