Tupac Makes History With Impressive 491 Week Record

Tupac Shakur once again with a history making moment as his posthumous release dethrones an iconic Rock album.

On Tuesday, September 12th, Tupac’s 1998 posthumous release “Greatest Hits” officially dethroned The Beatles “Abbey Road.” The English rock band’s 1969 album held the record for 490 weeks.

Tupac Shakur’s “Greatest Hits” double album features many of Tupac’s classics. “Dear Mama” , “Keep Ya Head Up” and “California Love.” All which contributed to the record-breaking feat on the Billboard 200.

Twenty-seven years since his demise, Shakur has already achieved more this year than artists who are alive. His featured docuseries directed by Allen Hughes has been nominated for an Emmy, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and an upcoming official biography which is already in high demand. (View: Tupac Shakur: The Authorized Biography Official Cover, Release Date)

Along with Tupac’s official biography, photographer Michel Haddi has released his own book featuring the late rap icon. Haddi’s photo book entitled Tupac: the Legend, features never-before-seen photos of Tupac dated back to 1993. (View: Tupac: The Legend Photo Book Released By French-Algerian Photographer)

“I didn’t know much about his music. I was much more interested in him,” the photographer told CNN in an exclusive interview who unfortunately does not have the negatives from the shoot. “All the negatives got stolen at the lab (in 1993 when the photos were developed). Everything has been in storage for 28 years but we recently found some Polaroids and some contact sheets, then a few weeks ago my wife Sarah opened another box and found some original prints from the shoot which have never been seen before. Looking at them carefully, you can see the mildew starting to eat the paper.”


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