Tupac’s First Mainstream Interview Recalled By Fab 5 Freddy

Fab 5 Freddy also reveals advice he gave Tupac concerning Madonna.

Fab 5 Freddy spoke to VLADTV about giving Tupac his first mainstream interview and advice he gave him when dating Madonna.

In the late 1980s, Freddy became the first host of the groundbreaking hip-hop music video show Yo! MTV Raps. The New York native has interviewed many of the greats including Tupac Shakur. Interviewing Tupac on numerous occasions, Fab appearing on VLAD TV recalled a young Tupac who had just filmed his very first movie.

Fab 5 Freddy
Fab 5 Freddy (VLADTV)

“The first time I interviewed Tupac it was really interesting. It was on the set of the movie Juice,” said Fab 5 Freddy on VLAD TV. “We filmed him for Yo! MTV Raps and we held that show until the movie dropped. So we can have…. your on the set, behind the scenes, here’s the movie. That’s when I first met ‘Pac.”

Fab would also make a cameo appearance in Juice, playing himself doing Yo! MTV Raps at the DJ competition. Fab witnessed first hand the incredible actor that was Tupac Shakur. During his days prior to Death Row records, Fab was able to interact with Shakur on different occasions. One particular night, Fab remembers giving Tupac advice.

As Fab attended a party for Gianni Versace presented by Interview Magazine at a restaurant downtown in New York City, he was surprised to see Tupac as well. Along with Tupac as he entered the restaurant was Madonna and her entourage.

After witnessing Tupac clowning for the cameras who crowded him and Madonna, Fab decided to give Tupac some advice.

“I pulled him to the side and said ‘listen, Pac, right now for lack of better description you’re Jimmy Dean in this game, you’re a rebel without a cause’. I said make sure when you’re hanging with Madonna in them photos, it looks like she’s with you, not like you’re with her,'” Fab recalled telling Tupac who understood and gave Fab his word.

Fab also was asked to name his best interview, but couldn’t quite put a finger on one. However, he does recall a memorable moment which involves Tupac where Shakur is seen freestyling with Coolio, MC Breed and Rated R.


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