Tupac’s Godson Explains Why He Contributed To Alive Theories

Suge J Knight, godson of Tupac Shakur, interviewed by Cam Capone News explained why he said Shakur was alive and had faked his death.

Back in October of 2018, the son of Suge Knight went on his Ingram account and claimed that Tupac was alive and living in Malaysia. The post alone instantly put Knight in the spotlight and he would also gain over 200,000 followers in two days.

But it wouldn’t stop there. Three months later kicking off 2019, Knight again claimed Shakur was alive and was dropping new music. “I got ‘Pac back in the studio. New music coming,” Knight wrote on his IG Post. The following day he continued with, “I need the hottest producer to work on a project for ‘Pac.”

Quickly catching attention of various media outlets, UK’s Daily Mail caught up with both Suge Knight and his son, Suge J Knight. During the exclusive behind bars interview, Suge Knight echoed his sons claims and said, “He [Tupac] had a real horrible time. He wasn’t happy in prison, so he felt that he would never go back to prison no matter what.”

Tupac’s Godson Explains Why He Contributed To Alive Theories
Suge J Knight (Cam Capone News)

Knight also spoke about Tupac’s new Makaveli alias. “And then the other thing was that his nickname was Makaveli. Everybody did know that. He was all about Makaveli, and as you know Machiavelli faked his death so he was always talking about faking his death before he would go back to prison,” Knight explained. Suge Knight was asked if he can share what Tupac said he would do if he had faked his death. Knight said, “I wouldn’t share that with anybody. Certain things you can’t talk about.”

As far as Knight jr., he states when the time is right he will drop new Tupac music. “I’m definitely going to bring new Tupac music for you guys,” J. Knight tells Daily Mail Tv. “I don’t want to be out in the category of conspiracy theorists. Trust me. Tupac is good, Tupac is good.”

The new music Suge J Knight is referring to are “studio scraps,” as Suge Knight refers to them. “It’s not that they was bad songs but those are songs that Pac didn’t want to be out on an album or want to be out,” Suge Knight said.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Suge Knight hinted at Tupac still being alive. Back in 2012, Suge Knight was interviewed by L.A. radio station 93.5 KDAY where he added to the alive theories. Knight shocked listeners when he was asked about being accused of Tupac’s death. “Maybe the question is, Pac’s not really dead. Pac’s somewhere else,” Knight said. Suge Knight also added that he gave $3million cash to the person who was supposed to cremate Shakur, but never heard from him again.” (Listen here)

Appearing on Cam Capone News Suge J Knight would explain his reason for his social media posts stating Tupac was alive, but first he wanted to apologize to Tupac’s family. “First off I just want to apologize to Tupac’s family. For one, he is my god father and two I just want to let the man rest in peace,” Knight said.

He also goes on to say that he has matured since the last time he made those comments about Tupac being alive. His intentions were not for clout, but rather he explains he was too high when he made those IG posts. “I got too high, I smoke and I was mad that this Tupac Biggie documentary said that my dad killed Tupac, so I was just like you know what, ‘Tupac is alive’. And I woke up and I’m just all over the internet.”

Later that year, Outlawz member E.D.I. Mean interviewed Suge J Knight on ‘The Dinner Club,’ where Knight Jr. insisted Tupac was still alive, “Bro, I have the picture of 98 of Pac holding me bro. I’m not lying.”


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