Tupac’s Last Words To Nas Had G-Wiz Believing Shakur Is Alive

Bravehearts’ member G-Wiz appeared on the “MATH HOFFA” YouTube channel, where he revealed Tupac’s last words to Nas in New York.

Forever engraved in hip hop history, Tupac and Nas face off in Bryant Park is still relived by those in attendance 25 plus years later. The story has been told plenty of times in the past, but this year in particular, the infamous meeting between two hip hop icons had bloggers working over time.

It all started when Nas released his thirteenth studio album ‘Kings Disease 2‘, which featured a song titled ‘Death Row East.’ Produced by Hit-Boy, the song detailed the meeting between Tupac and Nas at the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards after party. (WATCH HIT-BOY WORK ON JOHNNY J INSPIRED “DEATH ROW EAST” BEAT)

Let’s talk about it
Back when Jungle told Pac, “It’s on” soon as we walk up out this
Picket signs, Outlawz outside the music hall
Bunch of ghetto superstars really down to lose it all
Both sides was thuggin’

– Nas, ‘Death Row East’

Why was Tupac mad at Nas?

Tupac had felt Nas had dissed him on the song “The Message.” And, Nas did not appreciate Tupac dissing Mobb Deep on songs such as ‘Hit ‘Em Up.’ Nas till this day claims the opening bar on the song “The Message” off his 1996 studio album ‘It Was Written‘ wasn’t aimed at Tupac. “Fake thug, no love, you get the slug.” During his media run for his 2020 release “King’s Disease“, Nas appeared on Ebro In The Morning where he stated he was not dissing Tupac, “Last person I was even thinking about when I wrote that record.”

That particular bar also angered Tupac because he had met Nas prior at the House of Blues, where Shakur told Nas he had nothing but love for him. “I seen this ni–a Nas at the House of Blues. Caught him out of pocket and everything. I was deep with my ni–as. Knowing he had no g–s we could have rushed him right there,” Tupac explained on an interview with Rob Marriott in August of 1996. “I told him, ‘This east coast west coast sh-t is not about you. Don’t get caught up. I swear we love you. We got love for you.’ This ni–a Nas went back home and started talking that fake thug and dropping little jewels in his sh-t. And that’s wrong, cause you should have said that to me when I was right there.”

Tupac and Suge Knight moments before Nas face off

Putting their differences aside on September 4th 1996, Tupac and Nas were able to squash the beef, even with their respective entourage ready for war. The artists came to an understanding and Tupac promised Nas he would remove an upcoming diss on the song ‘Against All Odd.’

Tupac’s last words to Nas

According To G-Wiz, member of Nas’ Bravehearts rap group, Tupac initiated the peace between the two sides. “He said, ‘This sh-t is for the money man. We gotta get money. We gotta strategize,” G-Wiz explained. “He had the power to calm it down. So, he started talking some real sh-t. Like, ‘I told ya’ll ni–as the first time I met ya’ll. I love ya’ll ni–as.’ That’s real.”

Closing out the detailed account of the Tupac and Nas face off, G-Wiz revealed Tupac’s last words to Nas. It would also have G-Wiz believing Tupac was still alive. “Here’s another thing I found interesting. He said, ‘Yo, when ya’ll leave here, ya’ll are going to hear a lot of sh-t. Just remember, I love ya’ll ni–as.’ That was his last words to us. And, I thought that was ill cause he said, ‘Just remember.’ The just remember part f–ked me, after I knew what happened,” G-Wiz recalls at the 18:25 mark of the video. “Then I started believing, this ni–as set that sh-t up. Like, this ni–a ain’t dead.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Tupac made someone feel as though he knew he wasn’t going to be around anymore. Back in 2018, Keyshia Cole on the Steve Harvey show stated Tupac was talking weird during their last conversation.  “It was just weird though because the night he was saying he wanted me to work with him when we get back to L.A., it seemed like he was talking like he knew he wasn’t gonna make it,” Cole recalled.

“Why are you talking to be like you’re not gonna back to L.A. He was just giving me a lot of advice like don’t worry about things. You’re gonna be a huge star. You’re a beautiful person. You gotta remember that guys are gonna wanna love you because you’re beautiful. But, there’s also gonna be another reason why they’re gonna hurt you. You just gotta stay focus.”


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