Vlad On Linking With Eminem’s DJ To Create Iconic Tupac Mixtape

Appearing on Math Hoffa, Vlad explained how connecting with Eminem’s DJ helped the iconic Tupac mixtape “Rap Phenomenon 2” to take off.

Trying to figure out how to make a living off hip hop a genre he loved and had respect for, Vlad finally got his big break by releasing two iconic mixtapes. But, first came break dancing, producing, and early mixtape projects which he hosted solo. It wasn’t until Vlad took a chance and went to New York, living on a friend’s couch, where after time, things finally took off.

Thanks to a friend, Vlad linked with Dirty Harry, who Vlad looked up to. The two would put together the Biggie mixtape entitled “Rap Phenomenon.” The tape became a huge hit. MTV would also cover the tape, giving Vlad mainstream recognition.

Looking to create a sequel to the hit mixtape, Vlad suggested he and Dirty Harry highlight Tupac Shakur. Vlad wanted to take things further and for this reason he wanted to get the hottest DJ who was also the DJ for Eminem. “I think it was a Dipset listening party at Universal. I remembered I ran into Green Lantern and I cornered him at Universal and convinced him,” Vlad said.

The mixtape would go against the industry norm, as it featured various artists. Bust Rhymes, Alicia Keys, Jada Kiss, Wyclef, Xzibit and more contributed to the Justo ‘Mixtape of the Year.’ “We did it individually in our own studios and then we went to actual, I think we went to Cutting Room in Manhattan,” Vlad recalled. “We spent three days just assembling it.”


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