Wack 100 Pulls 12 Tupac Songs From The Vault For Upcoming Release

Former head of security for Death Row records, Reggie Wright Jr. joined Wack 100 on a recent Clubhouse session where they spoke about the current state of Tupac’s music.

Wack 100 is known for his shocking remarks on the popular Clubhouse app and this time it was no different. During the call, Wack 100 stated he has his own plan for the old Death Row records masters. According to Wack 100, two years ago he went over to the “vault” and grabbed about 15 unreleased songs. Some of which are never-before-heard Snoop Dogg songs. “I flipped the beat and opened up twelves. My idea was to take the young artists of the day and fill them in with the twelves,” Wack 100 explained. “What Ima do Reg on some real sh-t, Ima go ahead and do that with you so you can get a bag with me. That’s gonna be our last hurrah with that sh-t.”

Wack 100 claims the project is already about 70% down and will have Reggie listed as an executive producer. “There’s ten or twelve Pac songs in there, but its a publishing situation when it comes to that and your dealing with the Estate,” Wack 100 added. “I listened to them. If I wanted to do some crazy sh-t, I could have, but that’s bad business.”

Wack 100

Reggie Wright Jr. is no stranger to Tupac’s music catalog. After Suge Knight violated probation when he was involved in the infamous Orland Anderson beat down in Vegas, Knight was sent to prison. Reggie Wright Jr. would then led Death Row records until the early 2000s.

According to Reggie Wright Jr. the Tupac Estate is about to be in charge of Tupac’s full music catalog when it comes to streaming rights. “The catalog of Tupac is about to revert back to the estate. So, they about to be in charge. The estate of Tupac Shakur is about to be in charge of all his music this year,” Wright Jr. explained. “eOne will no longer have anything to say or any rights to it and/or Death Row. So, ya’ll will hear real soon of a distributor of the music.”


This explains some of Tupac’s music currently not being stream currently on some platforms. “That’s because they are ready to a new big deal with somebody. I don’t know who will be the lucky one to get it,” Wright Jr. added. Since Tupac’s passing, seven posthumous albums has been released. From ‘The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory‘ to ‘Pac’s Life,’ not to mention soundtracks and greatest hits projects. During his Clubhouse interview, Reggie Wright Jr. says he was responsible for Tupac’s 1998 ‘Greatest Hits’ album, ‘Gang Related’ and ‘Gridlock’d’ soundtracks, ‘Until The End of Time’ and ‘Still I Rise.’


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