Watch: Drake Wearing His $1 Million Dollar Tupac Ring

Watch as Drake shows off his Tupac ring in New York in which he won at an auction after dropping over $1 million dollars!

On Friday (July 28), history was made when the most valuable hip hop artifact ever sold at an auction, surpassed the $1 million mark. There is no surprise that the item sold is tied to Tupac Shakur. The late rap icon continues to break records and make headlines despite his demise of more than 26 years.

Tupac Shakur’s gold, ruby and diamond crown ring in which he wore towards the end of his life, now has a new owner. Inscribed with “Pac & Dada 1996,” a reference to his engagement to actress and model Kidada Jones (daughter of American record producer Quincy Jones), the diamond-encrusted gold band is topped with a gold circlet studded with a cabochon ruby and two pavé-cut diamonds.

Drake shows off Tupac ring via his IG Story
Drake shows off Tupac ring via his IG Story

Initially the ring’s new owner was not disclosed, but that was until an IG Story post was sent to over 141 million followers. Showing off his new ring, Drake shocked the world revealing himself as the new owner.

Drake can thank Tupac’s godmother Yaasmyn Fula, mother of Yaki Kadafi, who linked with Sotheby to auction off the ring. According to Yaasmyn, she and Tupac worked with New York Jewelers to produce the piece in celebration of Shakur surviving a tumultuous period of his life. The piece would take several months to design after Tupac signed with Death Row Records.

“What’s so special about this ring is that it shows him in a moment where he was not necessarily on the front lines as an artist, but just a man expressing his love for another person, and that’s beautiful to see,” said De La Soul’s Kelvin Mercer, a guest curator for the sale, on the Sotheby’s website.

As Drake hit New York City, Billboard’s hit maker made a stop at Starlets. During a Sidetalk interview, Drake was seen wearing the infamous Tupac ring. “I’m wearin’ Pac’s ring. … They got my baby mama on the wall over there,” Drake said in the video below.

Clearly a huge Tupac fan, Drake has shown his support and love for Shakur over the years. Back in 2021, Drake showed off his Tupac chains worth over $600K! The two incredible pieces created by Jason of Beverly Hills at the L.A. location in the iconic Beverly Wilshire Hotel.


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