Watch The Revamped ’61 Impala Used In Tupac’s Music Video

Appearing on Barcroft Cars‘ segment ‘Ridiculous Rides’, LongBeach Lloyd shows off the revamped ’61 Impala seen in Tupac’s music video.

Lloyd’s love for cars is quite evident. The Cali native, has started his own car club out in Long Beach called Plata O Plomo which consist of about 30 members and growing. “I started thinking about it in about 2016, cause I saw a lot of car clubs. Some of them had rules, so I never joined any car clubs and I started my own,” Lloyd explained on AutotopiaLA back in 2020. “Every few months we pick up a couple of new members.”

Now Lloyd’s car collection consist of the ’61 Impala used in one of Tupac’s posthumous music videos. As told on ‘Barcroft Cars’, the car was used right before Tupac passed away and was never put back on the streets. Two years later and Lloyd has done an incredible makeover on the 17 feet long Impala. According to Lloyd the lowrider, was not quite a lowrider when Tupac was seen riding around the streets of L.A. in the music video. The production time back in 1996 loaded the car with sand bags to give a lowrider effect.

Since then Lloyd has completely pimped out the Impala with a Blueprint 350, gold Chevrolet pieces, gold wings, purple halo headlights and 13″ gold Dayton wheels, just to name a few of the new additions. “Being able to say I used a Tupac car, obviously I love Tupac, but to me, being a 1961 bright yellow convertible gold everything, that’s what makes it special to me,” Lloyd said. “It’s hard not to notice. I took it to the next level.”

But, is this really the 61′ Impala used in the ‘2 Live And Die In L.A.’ music video? Back in 2020, Lloyd appeared on the Heart of an Outlaw show where he put doubters to rest. Right before the pandemic hit, the California native came across a post posted by Cali Boy who was selling the ’61 Impala. Apart from the car not in the price range for Lloyd, many within his circle questioned whether or not this was the car in Tupac’s music video.

Lloyd had no doubt this was indeed the car which up for sale by Cali Boy. “I went out there to look for myself and it was the car. I knew it before I even got verification of it just by looking at it,” Lloyd said who studied everything about the car before attempting to get his hands on it.

“I started messing with the glove box, cause you couldn’t get it open, they told me it was stuck,” LongBeach Lloyd explains. “When I opened it, production papers were in there. But, the best part about it was the registration papers to the plates, to the music video were right there in the car.” Now without a doubt, Lloyd knew this was the exact ’61 Impala used in Tupac’s To Live & Die In L.A.



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