Wyclef Reveals Reason Why Tupac Dissed The Fugees

Appearing on Math Hoffa, Wyclef Jean broke down the reason Tupac dissed the Fugees on the song ‘When We Ride On Our Enemies.’

After being shot 5 times at Quad Studios in New York, Tupac was on a mission to come back “50 times stronger.” Tupac would sign to Death Row records and once again dominating hip hop in 1996 as he did behind bars in 1995. During his incredible run, Tupac dissed many rappers along the way including Biggie Smalls, Mobb Deep, Jay-Z and the Fugees.

Unlike the other verbal attacks on New York rappers, the Fugees diss goes unnoticed leaving many to wonder why Tupac dissed the popular group. Well, that’s because the song was recorded and never released. Tupac would go on to diss the Fugees on the record ‘When We Ride On Our Enemies.’ Although leaked after Tupac’s passing, the song didn’t come out till six years later on Tupac’s posthumous release ‘Better Dayz.’ “Heard the Fugees was tryin’ to do me Look, bitch, I’ll cut your face, this ain’t no motherfu–in’ movie,”

During his interview with Math Hoffa, Wyclef explained why he thinks Tupac dissed the Fugees. “It’s not a mystery. My connection with Haitian Jack, it is not a mystery. And I think the way Pac would move with his attacks would be is if its a problem with him but he’s there and he’s there, everyone is going to get it,” Wyclef explained.

“Fugees! Fugees and Mobb Deep
Tryin’ to diss now too, huh?!
Hahaha! Well, I ain’t prejudiced
I don’t give a f–k
This is what it sounds like
When we ride on our enemies,” Tupac. (When We Ride On Our Enemies)

After being shot in New York and then arrested for an alleged rape, Tupac blamed many within his circle. Biggie Smalls, Puffy and Haitian Jack to name a few. Tupac went as far as calling Jack a government informant on the song ‘Against All Odds.’

“Listen while I take you back and lace this rap
A real live tale about a snitch named Haitian Jack
Knew he was workin’ for the feds
Same crime, different trials, nigga, picture what he said
And did I mention?
Promised to payback, Jimmy Henchman, in due time
I know you b—h ni–as is listenin’, the world is mine
Set me up, wet me up, ni–as stuck me up
Heard the guns bust, but you tricks never shut me up,” Tupac (Against All Odds)

Wyclef also said Jack has nothing but love for Tupac and one day will explain what really happened back in 1994. “Personally I can tell you how much love Jack had for Tupac,” Wyclef added. “And definitely when he wants to, he will definitely break the story down. So, because of our family affiliations, that’s why he (Tupac) came at us like that.”


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