Yaasmyn Fula To Release Never-Before Seen Images Of Tupac

Yaasmyn Fula, mother of the late Yaki Kadafi, is set to release never-before seen images of Tupac Shakur in collaboration with Flash Mints.

It appears exclusive Tupac related NFT collections are not going away anytime soon. Recently Riskie Forever celebrated the 25th anniversary of the iconic Makaveli album by releasing a series of twenty-five NFTs every day for seven days, each one inspired by the cover art of the Death Row Records classic. (Read more here) Photographer Loupy D also released his own Tupac NFT collection highlighting photos from Tupac’s 1992 album release party for ‘2Pacalypse Now.’ (Watch: Loupy D Recalls 21 Year Old Tupac Performing As NFT Collection Is Sold).

Now Yaasmyn Fula joins the late Chi Modu, Ricky Powell, T. Eric Monroe (Watch: Monroe talk about the night Tupac and Biggie wore “I’m A BadBoy” T-Shirt”) and Jamil GS for NFT drops starting on December 6th.

Tupac (Photo by Yaasmyn Fula)

All NFT’s were put together via Flash Mints who have created the premiere solution for photographers to fully monetize their work and we’re doing it all through blockchain technology. Their goal is to help them enter and thrive in the NFT space by making it easy to connect with collectors from all over the world. Flash Mints, will debut using a unique method of blind minting and random rarity based on supply.

“Many photographers just don’t have the familiarity and technological expertise to fully take advantage of blockchain technology. This is where Flash Mints come into play. We’re the technological arm of photographers so that they can finally fully benefit from their IP.”

— Enrico Moses (Flash Mints Founder)

The upcoming collection from their acclaimed roster of photographers have photographed the likes of Snoop Dogg, Nas, Dr. Dre. and the Wu Tang Clan, just to name a few. Expect to also see never-before seen images of Tupac Shakur that chronicles his life from childhood to stardom, shared by his own Godmother, Yaasmyn Fula, former Black Panther. Back in 2020, Yaasmyn released her own book “Sprit of an Outlaw“, which featured Tupac and her son Yaki Kadafi. Yaasmyn’s NFT drop is set for January 2nd of 2022.

NFT Drop Schedule:

  • Dec 4: Jamil G.S. (8 am PST) Click Here For Details
  • Dec 10: T.Eric Monroe
  • Dec 18: Ricky Powell
  • Dec 24: Chi Modu
  • Jan 02: Yaasmyn Fula

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