Young Noble Recalls Last Phone Call Conversation With Tupac

One of the last Outlawz members carrying the torch, Young Noble, details his last phone convo with Tupac Shakur.

Twenty-six years ago Tupac was shot on the Vegas strip after attending the Mike Tyson boxing match. Tupac full of energy was in attendance at the MGM Grand in support of his good friend Tyson. Along with his physical support of Tyson, Tupac would also record Mike’s entrance music for his boxing match with Bruce Seldon.

After Tyson’s win, Tupac and Suge Knight would get in an altercation with Orlando Anderson at the MGM Grand lobby. After the scuffle, Tupac reached out to his Outlawz who some were back at his home in Los Angeles. Young Noble and Napoleon did not attend the fight. Remembering his fallen comrade on Instagram, Young Noble detailed his last phone call conversation with Tupac.

Young Noble Recalls Last Phone Call Conversation With Tupac
Young Noble (YouTube)

“Sept 7, 1996 – The last day I would ever speak to this guy 😢😢 I didn’t go to Vegas me & @mutahbeale stayed back at thug mansion an he called us after the Tyson fight tellin us he just got into a scuffle an they was bout to go party he sounded like a ball of energy on the phone… Last thing we told him was to be safe out there!! About a hour later we get a call he got shot & a ride was on the way to come get us to drive to Vegas! He didn’t even wanna go to Vegas at all I wish he listened to his first instinct! 🙏🏾💔🙏🏾 #2pac4Eva #Outlaw4Life #MissYouMyBrotha,” Noble caption a photo shared of Tupac from the infamous night in Vegas.

Shortly after his scuffle with Orlando Anderson, Tupac was shot four times in Suge Knight’s BMW as the two headed to Club 662. Days later and Tupac would lose his life on September 13th. Tupac’s legacy and impact on the world continues to live on 26 years later.

Perhaps more stories such as the one shared by Young Noble on Wednesday afternoon, will be the first of many. Recently Irv Gotti stated that untold stories of Tupac and the Outlawz need to be heard. (View: Irv Gotti Says Tupac And Outlawz Unheard Stories Will Be Told) Gotti and the Outlawz appear to have come to an agreement which will result in an official Outlawz documentary.


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