Yukmouth To T-Pain After Tupac Comments: Get Off The Ciroc!

Legendary Oakland rapper, Yukmouth, is yet another rapper who has weighed in on T-Pain claiming Tupac would have gotten “ate up” by today’s hip hop artists.

Yukmouth who has various content shows on his official YouTube channel, took to Yukmouth TV to express his disapproval of T-Pain’s recent comments about Tupac Shakur. “It’s like saying Jordan will “get ate” in this era of the NBA,” Yukmouth explained. “You’re out your mothaf–king dreadlock mind.”

“Blame it on the alcohol. I don’t know what to blame it on Twitch, Akademiks,” Yukmouth said trying to find reason behind T-Pain’s comments about Tupac’s lyrical skills. “You think ‘Pac would get ate up in today’s microwave a** rap era. Talking about these mothafu**as making hit that will last for a month and then be gone the next month. Compare to ‘Pac that made all mothaf**king classics.”

Yukmouth also noted the fact Tupac made all types of music with a catalog as diverse as any rapper ever. Along with an unmatched catalog, Yukmouth also mentioned Tupac’s work ethic. A work ethic which allowed him to record hundred of songs and film multiple movies in just nine months “‘Pac would drop ten singles in one day if he wanted to, that’s how quick he was,” Yukmouth said. “No, there is no comparing.”

Yukmouth To T-Pain After Tupac Comments: Get Off The Ciroc!
Yukmouth (YouTube)

Many who witnessed Tupac in the studio, agree that his worth ethic was second to none. In fact, those in Death Row records including Snoop Dogg and Kurupt have noted on various interviews Tupac’s influencing them and others to work faster and more efficient.

Before ‘Pac signed with Death Row records, artists would take a full day to complete one song. Tupac witness this first hand and made it known to everybody that he thought they were wasting time. According to Kurupt, Tupac “sat him down personally” to discuss his and Daz studio work ethic.

“If ya’ll in there for 12 hours and ya’ll ain’t make about 12 records, you’re bullshi**ing,” Kurupt explained. I was like, ‘Damn. Eight records?’ He was like, ‘You ain’t got to complete them. You just lay one verse on this one, lay the hook on this one and then you go to this other one, lay a verse and a hook. Then Daz he’s making the beats so he ain’t got to rap on it yet. Then Kurupt all you got to do is lay your sh*t to each one of them. Daz will get to them.’” (Watch: Kurupt On The Number One Thing Tupac Changed At Death Row Records)

Yukmouth wasn’t done yet as he gave credit to Nipsey Hussle, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Lil Wayne as artists who are much better than today’s rappers. “‘Pac is still the king of hip hop,” Yukmouth said in closing. “‘Pac was a head of his time. His music can compete with ni**as today. Talking about subject matters that are happening to us today.”

Boosie Badazz and E.D.I. Mean have also responded to T-Pain’s comments. Watch here.


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