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Zayd Malik Releases “New Thug Life Order” Inspired By Tupac’s Vision

Zayd Malik, also know as King Zayd, returns with his latest single “New Thug Life Order,” featuring Warchi7d, inspired by Tupac Shakur.

Tupac Uncensored caught up with the talented artist as he prepares to hit us with a brand new studio album. An album which will be a picture of an “Individual Revolutionary,” featuring the likes of Young Noble, E.D.I. Mean, Sho Skrilla, Convertible Bert, and Disko.

Who is Zayd Malik?

That’s the freedom fighter I was named after . He used to ride wit Afeni and Mutulu and them . Group called republic of new Africa and the black liberation army. I was born to continue that legacy . My parents thought st the time there was gonna be a physical revolution, so they had me to continue it . The first Zayd Malik died on the New Jersey turnpike when Assata Shakur first got locked up before her escape.

Zayd Malik Releases "New Thug Life Order" Inspired Tupac's Vision

Tell us about the new single “New Thug Life Order” and the message behind it.

It’s a timely song . A song that attempts to add some sobriety to the game. Some balance. Some type of principle to consider. It’s a song that attempts to continue Tupac’s legacy of unifying the street/ thug culture under one banner.

You reference Mutulu Shakur on the song, tell us how he has and continues to inspire you?

That’s my godfather. He told me to start rapping. He needed me to rap to help put a project together we did some time back called “Dare To Struggle.” He told me this was mine and to take charge of it years ago on a visit. I take that charge seriously. I feel like I’m his voice since he’s locked up. I’m proud of that. Supreme OG of the low cause he inspired Pac politically. He did and continues to do the same for me. He a cold ass player too on some g shit so that always resonated wit me. Love him.

Tupac and Mutulu began developing something called the “Thug Code” before he passed to bring order to the street culture so me and a few young artist like Yhung T.O. and OGz like E.D.I. are planning to revamp it for 2022 and beyond .

The new single features Warchi7d, who also produce the beat, how did you link with the Canadian artist?

Warchild is a comrade of over 10 years. He’s a soldier in every sense from what I’ve experienced. He keeps our mission in mind in the sense of when he hears something beat wise he’ll send it to me with the concept in mind. He sent this beat and it was his idea to call it “ Thug Life Order.” That should tell us alot right there.

Is this the first single off your new studio album?

No not the First or it wasn’t meant to be that but we’ll see where it chooses to go so yo speak . Like I was saying it’s a song we felt music needed . A song the legacy of the thug life outlaw movement needed not necessarily for correction as much as it was for clarity and for memory sake. Remembering who we are so to speak.

What can we expect from the new project?

My new project will be full of disappointments and proud moments. It’ll be a picture of an “Individual Revolutionary“ if that makes sense. A day to day moody ass hypocrite wit a good heart he’s guided by . Hypocrite cause we capitalist , revolutionary cause we lookin for a way out. So you’ll hear elements of both. Me embracing what needs to be embraced moment to moment song to song.

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