Ex-Girlfriend Explains How Tupac Slept With Faith Evans

Ex-girlfriend Desiree Smith, claims Tupac indeed slept with Biggie’s wife Faith Evans and how Shakur planned it all out.

Known for exclusive Tupac related interviews, second to VLAD TV, Cam Capone News recently spoke with ex-girlfriend Desiree Smith. In her first ever video interview, Smith broke down how Tupac plotted and eventually slept with Faith Evans.

According to Smith, Tupac had been plotting to sleep with Evans since the time he was incarcerated in 1995. As Biggie Smalls and Faith Evans marriage was coming to an end, Tupac seized the opportunity. Tupac was able to link with Faith Evans and the two would record a song together. Although the record was never released due to Bad Boy records not approving the song, the damage had already been done.

“He called me and he was like, I did it!’ I’m like, ‘What you did? What happened What you did?’ And, I’m thinking something musically or a role and he’s like, ‘I f–k her,'” Desiree recalled. “He was like, ‘Yeah that sh-t was easy.'”

Since Tupac’s claim of sleeping with Biggie’s wife on the diss record ‘Hit ‘Em Up,’ many wondered if it was true or not. Faith Evans till this day denies every sleeping with Tupac. Evans does admit recording a song with Tupac entitled ‘Wonder Why They Call U Bi–h.’ During Lifetime’s limited series ‘Hopelessly In Love,’ Evans tells her side of the story.

Tupac and Faith record a song together

Faith Evans tells the story about her recording a song with Tupac. Faith Evans claims Tupac would then negotiate a deal where she would be paid $25,000 for recording a song with him. Faith would be responsible for writing and singing the hook. “I needed the 25K,” says Faith.

At this point Faith Evans told Biggie about the offer from Tupac. Biggie didn’t have a problem with it, according to Faith. Faith Evans claimed Tupac picked her up, and took Faith to the studio. According to Faith, she did not realize it was the Death Row studio that she was heading to until she got there and saw Suge Knight. “All of a sudden I realized like what the f–k! This is the Death Row studios,” explains Faith Evans.

According to Evans she never got paid for the song, claiming Tupac wanted her to perform oral sex on him. According to Faith she did not agree to perform oral sex and left without being paid $25,000.

The infamous Tupac and Faith Evans photo

Along with the recorded song, Tupac and Faith Evans were photographed together which only added fuel to the fire when it came to the beef between Tupac and Biggie. Appearing on The Fat Joe Show (@fatjoe) via IG Live, Faith Evans explains how she met Tupac Shakur and what really happened with the infamous photo that is forever instilled in Hip Hop history.

“When I met Tupac I was actually in L.A. trying to get work as a writer. I was out here writing with a producer on his new group, staying with them in their apartment,” explains Evans. “We just happened to go out that night to the Hollywood Athletic Club. This was between my first and second album.”

Evans continued her innocence of not knowing what a photo with Tupac would lead to. “In that moment I did not think me meeting him would lead to anything.” Faith Evans also claims the photographer was paid to ensure he would take a photo of her and Tupac, which she finally came to realized twenty plus years later. “He was told, instructed to make sure he got a photograph.” Faith would also go on to call Biggie after letting him know she had met Tupac. “I didn’t really think anything of it.”

Is Tupac lying about sleeping with Biggie’s Wife?

Desiree Smith who was Tupac’s on and off girlfriend for about two years, was also a close friend. According to Smith, Tupac never lied to her and would never “lie on his d–k.” Deseriee Smith isn’t the only one that can testify that Tupac and Faith Evans had a sexual relationship. Although Reggie Wright Jr., former head of security at Death Row records, wasn’t told by Tupac, but he did see something that was a bit odd.

During an interview with Cam Capone News, Reggie tells his own experience when it comes to Faith and Tupac. “They were sitting in a little… what we call a red room. It’s like a little private room, no bigger than a bathroom. They had a little couch in there. That’s where ni–as went to either womp on somebody or mainly to go and hook up with a chick. And He was sitting in that room. For some reason I was going in to that room. Or checking around, doing studio checks and all. And, they were in there and he was pushing at that time her head down towards his gentiles. That’s all I saw,” Reggie Wright Jr said.

Also, speaking with Cam Capone News back in 2019, Yukmouth recalled the time Oakland rapper Dru Down spotted Faith Evans at Tupac’s hotel room. “Dru Down I guess was at the same hotel ‘Pac was staying at,” Yukmouth recalls. “That’s when allegedly the night when Faith came over to the room and Dru Down was in the room when she came up. ‘Pac was like, ‘Watch and see who I got. You ain’t gon’ believe who’s coming’, something like that. ‘Answer the door’. So Dru answered the door and it was Faith.”


  1. Faith Evans making a track wit 2Pac is the smoking gun enough. Back then in ’95 making a track wit your husbands opps during an intense beef was a clear message. Evans lies of playing dumb rather make her look like a stupid blonde bimbo. It weren’t no accidental meetings blah blah. She went to f*** & s*** Pac. What a whore.


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