Jay-Z Helped Secure Angie Martinez Unreleased Tupac Interview

As Angie Martinez and Fat Joe discussed the infamous Tupac unreleased interview, we are reminded of Jay-Z’s role in keeping the interview safe.

Back in June, Fat Joe appeared on The Angie Martinez show via Power 105.1 where the infamous Tupac unreleased interview was up for discussion.

Angie explained her decision not to release the Tupac interview. Initially the intent for the interview would give Tupac an opportunity to ensure everyone he was not upset at the entire east coast.

Although Tupac said ”amazing things,” according to Angie, Tupac was on ”fire” during the interview. “He did say some brilliant amazing thing, but he was also on fire and still very angry,” Angie explained. ”there was stuff in there that would have made things worse.”

Two years prior, the roles were reversed. Angie would appear on Fat Joe’s IG Live, with the same topic at hand, unreleased Tupac interview.

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Fat Joe would go on to ask Angie about the interview with Tupac, and wondered how Biggie and Puffy felt about the interview at the time. Angie admitted that they were not happy with her interviewing Tupac Shakur.

During the tensed time in hip hop which stemmed from the beef between Tupac and Biggie Smalls, Hot 97’s radio personality Angie Martinez flew to California and interviewed Tupac in his home.

“No, they didn’t love it,” Angie said. “I’m so happy that we got to a better place after, cause BIG didn’t love it. He never told me, but somebody else told me. We didn’t speak about it, but we kinda smoothed it out. It was my birthday and he came to my show, and he wound up freestyling and it was all good. It was fine.”

“I did my best to protect everybody in that space. Everybody knows the story that I didn’t air the whole thing, cause I was really worried about making it worst. I just tried to do the best in that situation, and I think ultimately that’s all you could ever do.”

There is a possibility for the release of the Angie and Tupac interview. Speaking to AM To DM, Angie explained how she is constantly bombarded with questions about the interview.

“I can post something about like my son, or my god daughter and they be like ‘that’s nice, but what about the ‘Pac tapes’,” explains Angie Martinez.

From social media to her time shopping, there is no escaping the Tupac interview tapes. “I was in Ikea and somebody ran up to me and ask me about the tapes.”

“I do understand it is part of history. It’s going to be uncomfortable for me, because there are things in those tapes that are very uncomfortable to listen to. But I am aware that it is apart of history, so at some point I will,” says Angie.

In a snippet of the interview, Tupac explains why he was going at Biggie. “The east coast west coast thing is a musical thing, that’s separate. That’s a whole thing separate to itself. That’s a musical thing,” says Tupac. “I’m like a lighting rod because I’m attacking New York’s finest. They’re self proclaimed king of New York.”

Whenever the interview is released entirely to the public, many should thank Jay-Z. Hov, who Tupac dissed on various songs in the 90s, gave Angie Martinez the best advice ever. Secure the unreleased Tupac interview now!

Well not in those exact words, but, Angie Martinez previously explained to Page Six that Jay-Z is to thank. “I was in a meeting at Roc Nation and we were talking about my archives because I have all my old interviews on tape. They were literally in boxes in my laundry room and Jay said: ‘Get them out of the room now. Somebody help her get them out of that room now because if there is a flood or a fire it will be destroyed.’”

One has to wonder if Jay-Z has heard the full interview. Angie’s co-workers have heard the interview, as they help her to preserve the audio. “So people at work helped me digitize the tapes so I can make sure I have them forever,” Angie reveals to Page Six.


So, where exactly is the Tupac unreleased interview located? Angie claims the two hour interview is in an actual vault. “The tapes are in a safe, secure place now. But they weren’t for many years. Before that, they were in my laundry room and it was actually Jay-Z that told me to put it in a safe place,” Angie Martinez.

“They are in a safe in an actual vault where you would need specific access to get to them,” she added.

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  1. Everyone wood have told Angie the same thing Jay Z told her. That is the only logical thing to do and no reason to give credit where its not due.


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