Money B On What He Would Have Changed For Tupac’s Biopic

Appearing on Heart of an Outlaw show via HipHop XXIV, Money B of Digital Underground gave his thoughts on the Tupac All Eyez On Me movie.

Money B was one of the few that portrayed themselves in the Benny Boom film, Outlawz members E.D.I. Mean and Young Noble also appeared as themselves. For the Digital Underground member, he reflected on the movie which premiered in theaters back in 2017. Money B gave credit to the whole team who made it possible to recreate significant moments in Tupac’s life.

Demetrius Shipp Jr. (All Eyez On Me Movie)
Demetrius Shipp Jr. (All Eyez On Me Movie)

“The set direction and the casting was dead on,” Money B said. “Like I remember being in these places that look like the places that we were at like Starlight Studios. They recreated Starlight Studios. When they had him in Marin City, it look just like it. So they were really good at recreating these scenes and these moments, these locations and period of times that were so instrumental in the development of Tupac.”

The movie was hit hard with criticism from die hard fans who disliked certain aspects of the movie. One of those parts was when Tupac was seen performing “Hail Mary” in the movie, but Shakur never did perform the song when he was alive. Many others wanted to see a lengthier film with an in-depth look at Shakur’s life. A task that Money B says would be impossible for a 3 hour movie, plus the fact that Tupac’s story was on full display when he was alive in real time, making it harder to share any untold stories.

Personally for Money B he would have wished they kept a scene that for whatever reason was deleted from the movie. “There was a scene, like a freestyle scene that we did. It was backstage with Me, Treach, Queen Latifah, and Tupac and it got cut from the movie.” Watch the clip below.


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