R-Truth On Meeting Tupac And Opening For Digital Underground

WWE Superstar R-Truth recently spoke about meeting Hip Hop icon Tupac Shakur and opening for Digital Underground as he appeared on Hot 97.

Before becoming a popular wrestler and a WWE superstar, Ron Killings aka R-Truth first passion was music. In fact it was his music career that led him to WWE and ultimately becoming a consistently successful wrestler. Part of his early days in the music business as he tried to get his feet into the industry, R-Truth would go on to meet Tupac Shakur at the 1992 Jack The Rapper convention.

“I was doing street thing, North Carolina, that’s where I grew up,” R-Truth explained. “I’ve been doing music since Jack The Rapper. That’s where the picture with Tupac, Eazy-E and all of them come from. If you Google me with Tupac, yeah they’re all legit.”

Tupac and R-Truth photo
Tupac and R-Truth (1992 Jack The Rapper)

R-Truth also gave legendary down South promoter Jack Crockett his flowers. Jack would offer R-Truth a job as a wrestler at a time when Truth was going down the wrong path in life. Prior to making his decision, Truth was taken by Jack to watch three live WCW events. “I never been to a wrestling show in my life, but I was aware of it,” R-Truth said. “Ric Flair’s music hits, he comes. 15,000 thousand people go crazy. He’s like, ‘See that can be you right there. All that rapping and dancing you were doing in there, you could come down rapping your own music that you wanna do. Get in the ring, and you can fight, and mix all your moves together.”

Although in never gets old to hear the story, this wasn’t the first time R-Truth spoke about his first and only interaction with Tupac. On an episode of WWE Ride Along, R-Truth and Carmella are seen driving after a WWE live event as the conversation of Hip Hop came about. WWE Ride Along takes the WWE fan on an inside look as their favorite WWE superstars travel the world, sharing stories among themselves.

In this particular story R-Truth explains his connection with the world of Hip Hop. “Being around the hood, I just got involved with rap,” R-Truth said to Carmella. “I’m talking about Sugar Hill Gang, Will Smith, Digital Underground. That’s where I met Tupac.” R-Truth, also praised Tupac’s ability to command the stage, “He knew how to work a crowd. He knew how to work people.”



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