MTV Opens Its Vaults With Never-Before-Seen Tupac Interview!

MTV has blessed Tupac fans with a new video from its vaults, as an interview from behind the scenes of “If My Homie Calls” is released.

A young 20-year-old Tupac Shakur is captured by MTV back in 1992, where Shakur is shooting his music video for “If My Homie Calls.” The song was featured on his debut album “2Pacalypse Now.” The outspoken and inspiring album never got to reach its full potential as it was taken off the shelves due to its “attack” on society.

The reality is Tupac brought issues affecting the communities to forefront. Songs such as ‘Brenda’s Got A Baby‘ and ‘Words of Wisdom’ was a taste of what Tupac was bringing to hip hop. On November 12th, the album turned 31-years-old and was celebrated by the Tupac Estate and the official 2Pac Instagram account.

MTV Opens Its Vaults With Never-Before-Seen Tupac Interview!
Tupac (MTV/YouTube)

MTV, who had previously released Tupac footage in the past, did not disappoint with this current release. View: TOP 5 BEST TUPAC SHAKUR MTV MOMENTS. In the video Tupac’s charisma, intelligence and aspirations is on full display.

“I promise that every time you see Tupac, you see a real human being. You will see my ups and my downs. Anybody that can cheer me, they gotta be able to say you gotta fix that or to criticize me,” said Tupac in the never-before-seen footage. “I’m just trying to get to my next album. This movie. The time this movie is finished, I’m a have to go right into the next album. Soundtrack for the movie, all that.”

Along with the unseen interview, Tupac is also captured behind the scenes for the video shoot of the music video “If My Home Calls.” Directed by the Hughes Brothers, Tupac is also seen contributing and leading the direction of the video.

Tupac also is heard praising and crediting John Singleton, Eric Dickerson and Shock G for given him an opportunity to succeed. Dickerson, the director for “Juice” and Singleton, who directed “Poetic Justice,” were behind two of Tupac’s most successful movie roles.

“I came up unusual and my family had a lot to do with what I represent and the kind of principles that I put in my little system,” said Tupac around the 3:55 mark of the interview. “My mother had a lot to do with that. Her being a single mother. Me not having a father.”


  1. A typical creative perfectionist Gemini..our creativity can’t be held back or contained..takes one to know one..6/14 here..his high intelligence along with his all adds up to a Trifecta…never be another poet in rap like Tupac..he tried to do his best to help his communities..not bragging rights on his bedding down or all the material things..rap started to bring the inequality and pain society does daily to the people and bring it all out to light..activism..He learned that from his Mom n stepdad..and the Panthers around him.As a Gemini he picked up on it and continued it..if only we could get back to more crap..ugh


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