STM Podcast Co-Host Chooses Between Jay-Z Or Tupac

Co-host of the popular Seize The Moment podcast, Leon Garber, explains why he chooses Tupac Shakur over Jay-Z.

Appearing on Hip Hop XXIV, Licensed Therapist and co-host of STM Podcast revealed which song instantly made him a Tupac fan. At the age of eleven, Leon was only into Rock music, but that was until he tuned into MTV and watched a Tupac music video. That particular video was “Until The End Of Time”, the lead single off Tupac’s 2001 posthumous release. “I was so f–king blown away from it. I was like holy sh-t, this song is amazing,” Leon recalled around the 59:44 mark of the interview. “You hear these lyrics, this is actually what I feel. Like when he says, ‘Perhaps I was addicted to the dark side, Somewhere inside my childhood witnessed my heart die.'”

Quickly Leon’s perception of rap music changed to the point where he asked his mother to purchase Tupac’s double album. After being denied, some how Leon managed to persuade his mother to purchase the album for him. It would take Leon another two years to listen to the album thoroughly and to his surprise he was hooked to other songs on the album other than ‘Until The End Of Time.’

“The big question is why Pac. Well, It’s the message,” Leon explained. “Jay-Z and Nas were popular at the time. Look, Nas is cool. I have nothing against the guy, I do appreciate some of his music. There was nothing there for me. Ok cool, they talk about selling drugs, Jay-Z is really big into that. Ok sure I guess sure you’re an entrepreneur, understood. Everybody in this neighborhood seems to be selling drugs. Nothing special to me. But, with Pac it was different. You felt he was talking to you not only from his own soul, but he was talking from the communal soul.”

Leon continued to explain why Tupac impacted him more than Jay-Z. “With Jay-Z was more like ok this is how I came up and this is why you should admirer me. I never got that sense from Pac,” Leon said. “He’s message was, here is why you should give a sh-t about us. Here is all of the things we are going through.”

Fast forward to 58:44 and watch Leon talk about Tupac’s impact on his life.

Back in 2019, hip hop artist T.I. also spoke about Tupac’s impact over Jay-Z. Hip-Hop’s greatest 50 rappers of all time was a hot topic for 2019. The debate would continue when T.I. appeared on The Breakfast Club. This time the discussion came down to two artist. Jay-Z and Tupac. Prior to his appearance on the morning show, T.I. shared his list during an episode on his ExpediTIously podcast. His top list had Tupac as number one, Jay-Z as number two followed by Biggie as number three, and Snoop Dogg at number four.


T.I. recalls the time he spoke to Jay-Z on the phone, and was questioned by Hov regarding the Top 50 list. “Hov called. We was talking about something else. Something completely non related, and then he says ‘Oh, and by the way, you really believe that?’, I said yeah.”

Explaining his reason why on the Breakfast Club, T.I. says it comes down to one thing, “When it comes to impact.” Not to take anything away from Jay-Z who is still at number two on T.I.’s list. “I think Hov, is the greatest rapper alive,” says T.I.

Let us know in the comments below where you would rank Tupac and Jay-Z.


  1. MY TOP 5 IS Tupac, Nas, Biggie, Lil Wayne, & Eminem. T. I. & Jeezy are next!! Jay-Z not in my top 10. Sorry no harm no foul 🤷‍♂️


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