Tupac’s Dramacydal Rap Group Recorded This Song First

Napoleon, former member of the Outlawz, reveals the very first song recorded by Tupac’s Dramacydal rap group.

In the early mid-nineties, Tupac Shakur curated two hip hop rap groups. Thug Life and Dramacydal. On the verge of becoming a superstar, Tupac was also brining his closest comrades along for the ride. Although both rap groups were dismantled and altered, they would become key ingredients in Tupac’s final group, the Outlaw Immortalz.

Both groups had early success. Thug Life would go on to release their self-titled debut album, but later come to an end as the group had internal issues. (View: Reason Why Tupac’s Thug Life Rap Group Broke Up) Dramacydal, never released an album, but would appear on Tupac’s third studio album ‘Me Against The World.’ Ironically, Dramacdyal appeared on the final song of the album titled ‘Outlaw.’ After Tupac’s release from prison and signing to Death Row records, Dramacydal added new members and took on the new name, Outlawz.

Tupac's Dramacydal Rap Group Recorded This Song First
Napoleon (Cam Capone News)

Dramacydal, was formed after Napoleon would meet Tupac Shakur. Napoleon would meet Tupac through the late Yaki Kadafi, who is considered the nucleus of the Outlawz. Kadafi was key in bringing the group together, responsible for the addition of Hussein Fatal, Young Noble and Napoleon.

Recalling his younger days spent at Kadafi’s home, Napoleon tells Cam Capone News, “Years went past and I had not ran into him. I have not seen him in years. And about this time I’m 13, 14 years old. I asked his mother what’s up with him. She’s like, ‘He’s actually with his half-brother by the name of Tupac Shakur.’ I’m like, ‘I am also trying to rap.'”

Kadafi’s mother would then take Napoleon to New York to meet Tupac for the very first time. Along with Tupac, Kadafi, Kastro, E.D.I. Mean and Napoleon, Dramacdyal was formed. During his interview with Cam Capone News, Napoleon revealed the very first song Dramacydal ever recorded. Featuring Kadafi, E.D.I., Kastro (who were called Young Thugs) and Napoleon, ‘Killin Fields’ was the very first song recorded by what would then become Dramacydal.

“We played it over the phone to him [Tupac] and he was like, ‘Man that’s it. That’s what I was looking for. You guys sound like a group together,” Napoleon recalled. Tupac would jump on the song and the rest history. The song was released years later on Yaki Kadafi’s posthumous mixtape ‘Son Rize Vol 1.”


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