Bobby Green Walks Out To Tupac’s Song At UFC Vegas 49

Bobby Green used one of Tupac’s most iconic songs as inspiration ahead of his fight with Islam Makhachev.

Already fighting against all odd when he decided to participate in UFC Vegas 49 on 10 day notice, Bobby Green needed to get into the right mindset. For the 35-year-old, Tupac’s classic diss record was the perfect anthem.

Green wouldn’t be the first professional athlete to use a Tupac song as his entrance music. Mike Tyson in his prime, entered the ring twice to songs specially recorded for him by Tupac.

Bobby Green Walks Out To Tupac’s Song At UFC Vegas 49
Bobby Green

In fact, One of those moments came the night Tupac was tragically shot in Vegas. In a recent interview on Club Shay Shay, Tyson recalled having to remind Tupac of his music entrance. ”I kept calling him, because I thought he was going to be late,” Tyson said.

Unfortunately for Green, unlike Tupac who crushed Biggie with rap’s greatest diss song of all time ”Hit ’Em Up,” Bobby suffered a loss to Makhachev.

Although Green’s first ever main event resulted in an early loss, the California native is thankful for the opportunity.

“Expensive pain, expensive pain,” Green said on a post fight video on Instagram. “Wins and losses, wins and losses. I just wanna thank all my guys, all my people for riding with me. I apologize, but this is what it comes with when you throw this s—t together, you know what I’m saying? It was last minute, put it together as much as I can. I appreciate you. The s—t we do for our families, the s—t we do for our families, you know? Love you guys.”


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