Saweetie: I’m Trying To Be Like Tupac

Multi-talented artist Saweetie spoke with Bryhana of Power 106 where she revealed how Tupac inspired her to pursue an acting career.

Saweetie who is expecting to drop her debut album with ‘Pretty Bitch Music’ with her single ‘Tap In’ streaming now everywhere.

“I’m trying to be like Tupac. Lead role, play a little character, something cute,” Saweetie said. “I definitely want to play a character out of a book and I definitely want to play a boxer and I want to play a superhero.”

Although Shakur did not appear in any superhero movies, he did have the lead role in various films which include Poetic Justice, Gang Related, Above The Rim, and Juice the classic 1992 movie by Ernest Dickerson.

Hard shoes to fill, but for Saweetie she has taken acting classes in high school and college at San Diego State. “I’ve been doing some self tapes so after quarantine we shall see,” said the California native.

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Saweetie also spoke about voting and how the younger generation can make a difference. “I think it’s important because when you look back at previous generations like the Civil Rights movement, like woman finally got equality… we’re still fighting but you know when they was fighting for woman rights – if everyone who would have felt like their actions, like their voice would have not mattered we would never have progression,” Saweetie explained. “I encourage the younger generation cause we do make up 40% of the voting population. So if we all go out and vote that is a big difference.”


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