Tupac Customized Beer And Collectors Can At Fixins Soul Kitchen

Fans now have a chance for limited time only to sip on newly created Tupac beer at Fixins Soul Kitchen, the restaurant hosting Powamekka Café.

Located adjacent from the Wake Me When I’m Free exhibit, Fixins Soul Kitchen has the honor of teaming with the Tupac Estate as they bring Tupac’s idea to life with, Powamekka Café. Fans can get the full Tupac experience when visiting the Café. Customized Spotify playlist playing Tupac’s music, exclusive merch, an incredible menu inspired by Tupac and more rounds up Powamekka Café.

“Fan can expect to feel like they’re at home. I feel when I’m in this restaurant, I should expect to see Tupac in the corner meeting and greeting people,” Fixins’ Kat Dym tells Hip Hop XXIV.

Along with the experience, is full menu of drinks. Some which the names for the drinks were created by Tupac. “He wanted a restaurant and he called it the Powamekka Café and on his writings and in his journals he had a list of things he wanted to do. He had a menu that he wanted to create. He had drinks on there. The Powamekka Thugs Passion and Playa Passion. The Gangsta Russian. So we took that and wanted to make it come to life.”

Tupac Customized Beer And Collectors Can At Fixins Soul Kitchen
Blac Chyna (@fixinssoulkitchen)

Fixins’ soul House would take things even further by creating a beer that represented one of Tupac’s favorite. “We partnered up Oak Park Brewing and what we did is we actually created a beer for him [Tupac] as well,” Kat Dym said. “Tupac loved Heineken, that was kind of his drink, his beer of choice I should say. Heineken is a light lager, so we didn’t create Heineken by any means, but we did create a beer in honor of him. It’s called the Holler If Ya Hear Me lager.”

Tupac’s blueprint for Powamekka Café

As seen in the video below, Blac Chyna came through to Powamekka Café and showcased the Tupac beer along with the collector’s can for fans to keep. “They’re really cool and they’re nicely made. Not like some crappy cans by any means, but it’s a nice produce and the beer is delicious on top of that. Not only are you getting this great collector’s can which you can keep with all your memorabilia, but you’re also tasting a real good product at the end of the day,” Kat Dym explained.

The Cafe is now opened until June 30th and is located at 800 W. Olympic Boulevard. For reservations visit OpenTable. For a full list of hours of business click here: Tupac’s 51st Birthday Celebrated With “Powamekka Café” In L.A.


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