Unreleased Tupac Music Coming In 2023 Confirmed By E-Love

Unheard Tupac music could be released in the near future as E-Love confirms DJ Battlecat unreleased produced songs exist.

Appearing on I Only Touch Greatness podcast, E-Love reflected on how he was first introduced to Tupac Shakur. Constantly and persistently contacted by producer Dean Evans aka “Big D The Impossible,” E-Love finally took a listen to the upcoming New York rapper.

“He kept beeping me crazy. These are beeper days, so I finally respond. ‘Yo, I got this artist. You gotta hear this one yo! This is the one.’ He kept raving about the kid for like 15 minutes,” E-Love recalled. “The minute I heard him, I was like no doubt. This is special.”

Big D was instrumental in Tupac’s early music career, producing “If My Homie Calls” and “Brenda’s Got A Baby” (co-produced with Underground Railroad) which was the lead first single off the rap icon’s 1991 debut album “2Pacalypse Now.”

The talented producer also contributed to “Changes,” “Ghetto Gospel,” “Papa’z Song” and “Point The Finga” with the latter two both off Tupac’s sophomore studio album, Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.

E-Love along with Big D’s cousin DJ Battlecat worked on various Tupac songs during his early days and up until his “All Eyez On Me” project. For the most part, it was Battlecat who blessed Tupac with his unique sound upon Tupac’s request.

“I did a couple of remixed for him. I Get Around remix and Temptations remix. It was amazing with the Temptations remix. That’s when he first caught that case where he had to sit down for the alleged rape case. He reached out to Interscope and sent them a letter that he wrote to me to hire me to do the song,” Battlecat recalled on Holdin Court podcast

According to E-Love, unreleased Tupac songs produced by Battlecat is still in the vault. “Bob did more songs with him than I did,” explained E-Love. “I did two to three songs. Actually two songs are coming out next year. Bob did a string of songs that still have not yet come out.”

Sources close to Tupac Uncensored have also confirmed a new Tupac album is expected.


  1. I hope the new 2pac record coming has good beats. That’s what’s been lacking on most of the posthumous albums released of his is good beats.

  2. Tupac’s music in every song had a meaning..IHe seen this world deterating and wanted to try to change or help people understand that all the stereotypes that people were doing to each other wasn’t the right way too go..he wanted to let people know racism is getting out of control and the babies being born into this didn’t ask to have to grow up in all communities in the world…he wanted to help make change just like he said in his song ( Changes)..There were a lot of musicians that couldn’t get along with Tupac because they wanted what he had but everyone who is tired of the world being like it is has the ability to do so Tupac got tired of of watching nobody doing anything (especially authorities) who did nothing except made things worse so Tupac expressed his feelings ,opinions and ideas he had to help change some things through his music but (PEOPLE) were jealous and I feel that’s why his life was taken and that was the worst thing to do cuz nobody else has done nothing to help change ANYTHING !!!!

  3. Well these guys worked with Tupac on his earlier albums so it should be similar to the earlier stuff I would think yeah I can’t wait for that

  4. That’s good that these guys have already worked with Tupac so that means the beats should be there hopefully I can’t wait to hear some of this stuff One Love


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