Wenzday Reveals Who Got Her Into Tupac’s Music

Raised in the Bay Area, Taylor Chung a.k.a. Wenzday recently appeared on The Leo Black Show where she listed her favorite artists gowning up, with Tupac as one of those artists.

Taylor Chung has evolved from a classically trained vocalist to a leading figure in the current state of dance music. After moving to Los Angeles to commit to a full-time DJ career, she became one of the most sought-after open-format female DJs in the city.

When asked about her love for Hip Hop and who she “spins”, Wenzday revealed she was raised on Tupac’s music. “I love Kanye, not new Kanye, old Kanye. Drake. I love Tupac,” Wenzday said. “My dad raised me on like… My dad is from the West Coast, so literally driving to school it was Dr. Dre and Tupac.”

Her father was serious about his West Coast music and loyalty to Shakur to the point where Wenzday was not allowed to listen to East Coast rappers. “We weren’t allowed to listen to Biggie because that was East Coast.”

Currently Wenzday has been grinding hard working on various projects. Recently dropping her first house compilation via 40ozCult and a collaboration coming soon with Lektrique.

“Not gonna lie this has been one of the hardest yet rewarding months of my life,” she wrote Tuesday evening (October 20) on her IG. “I’m working on getting these livestream sets bigger and better for y’all💔Stay tuned!”

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