Director Recalls Tupac Going Bald Before Music Video Shoot

Tupac Shakur would go on to shave his hair bald for the very first time, a day before his first music video shoot recalls Allen Hughes.

Allen Hughes, director of the Emmy nominated docuseries Dear Mama, appeared on EDI Mean’s Outlaw Show where he participated in the shows’ “Tradin’ War Stories” segment. Asked to share an untold story that has never been told before, Allen stayed on theme and recalled the very first time Tupac cut his hair bald.

In town to shoot Tupac’s very first music video, the Hughes Brothers along with ‘Pac’s crew were staying at a hotel in West Hollywood. Beverly to be exact. After becoming disturbingly loud, they were ushered out the hotel and relocated to another hotel.

“We all checked in and Tupac had that Gumby looking cut at the time. I get this knock at my door, it must have been midnight. I open the door, whoever it is just rushes me and tackles me on the bed just laughing like a drunk laugh going crazy,” Allen explains at the 29 minute mark of the interview. “And I push him off of me and it’s Tupac. He had shaved his head for the first time.”

Tupac as Bishop in Juice

The incident was actually the day before shooting the music video for Trapped. “I can’t remember. He was a little emotional over something. That’s why he was drinking. And that’s when he took the hair off. It was hilarious to me,” added Allen Hughes.

Tupac cuts hair over jealous rage?

Although Allen Hughes can’t quite remember, his twin brother Albert, does. “We go back to the hotel and he goes into this jealous rage. Some other famous girl he was messing with and he found out that some other famous guy was messing with her. And, he called us to his room and we go to his room and it was the first time that we’ve seen he shaved his hair in a drunken rage,” Albert explained during an interview on Indie Film Hustle. “That was also the very first time we saw his dark side, the jealousy, the rage, the pettiness kind of stuff.”

Reason why Tupac continued with his bald style

  • According to the Dear Mama docuseries, Tupac had alopecia due to stress. Alopecia is the medical term for bald. Areata means patchy. This patchy baldness can develop anywhere on the body, including the scalp, beard area, eyebrows, eyelashes, armpits, inside your nose, or ears. (Source: American Academy of Dermatology)


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