Floyd Mayweather Jr. Shuts Down Tupac Vegas Shooting Rumors

As a viral video of Floyd Mayweather talking about Tupac being shot in Vegas goes viral, the boxing legend shuts down any rumors.

After LVPD searched a home on Monday (July 18) in connection with Tupac’s 1996 shooting, arguably the darkest day in hip hop has been a hot topic once again. With the conversation of what really happened in Vegas after the Mike Tyson fight becoming a trending debate, a clip of Floyd Mayweather Jr. talking about the infamous night has gone viral.

In the 2014 clip, Mayweather is seen describing what he witnessed the moment Tupac was shot in Vegas. “The car pulled right here and shot Tupac at this light,” Floyd said in the clip. “The car went that way. ‘I was living right here [gesturing across the street] in 1996 when Tupac got killed. I ain’t ever told nobody. Only the closest people with me know.”

The late John Singleton also acknowledged the “spiritual moment” in an IG post dated back to April 10, 2014. “With Floyd Mayweather in Vegas at the intersection where Tupac was killed. Spiritual moment. Start of new journeys.@floydmayweather#mssunray.”

It is unknown exactly which movie/documentary Singleton was working on. One can assume it was for Tupac’s biopic All Eyez On Me, in which Singleton was called upon to direct until he was let go.

Regardless, Floyd Mayweather took to his own IG on Thursday evening (July 27), shutting down any rumors involving the viral clip.

“In 1996 when Tupac Shakur was killed, I lived in the Meridian Apartments located on Flamingo and Koval Ln., which just so happens to be the area where Tupac was shot,” wrote Mayweather in the caption. “I have never said I witnessed the shooting. “

He added, “All of these false accusations stem from me sharing the location of the shooting with John Singleton due to my familiarity of the area since I lived there.  This does not mean I witnessed Tupac’s shooting.  John Singleton was making a documentary or movie about Tupac, so he reached out to me asking where Flamingo and Koval Ln was located.  John was my friend, so I showed him this location with no hesitation.  The location of Tupac’s shooting is public knowledge and me living near there was just a coincidence.  I did not witness Tupac Shakur’s death.”

Mayweather, who would’ve been 19 at the time of Tupac’s demise and would make his professional boxing debut about a month after Tupac was gunned down on the Vegas strip. 


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