J. Prince Slams Wack 100 Over Dissing Tupac, Nipsey Hussle

Appearing on Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast was J. Prince and Larry Hoover Jr., where the Rap-A-Alot founder called out Wack 100 for dissing Tupac and others.

Although Wack 100 has praised Tupac recently when he stated Tupac died a legend, Game’s manager has also took his fair shots at the late icon. Back in 2017, Wack 100 addressed Tupac’s “gangsta grade” via a post on Instagram.

“First off Pac died with 125k in his account owning nothing. 2nd I’m speaking facts. Every time a g*n was involved Pac was on the wrong side of the barrel these are real facts. 3rd your confusing what rapper is saying to really being gangsta. Remember the same dude that robbed him is the same dude that killed him !! I mean sh*t I’m a fan of his music, but his gangsta grade isn’t passing let’s be real,” Wack wrote in the caption.

“And 4th he changed to whatever was around him east coast he’s that, Bay Area he’s that, LA it’s MOB now, these are all facts. Like I said his music and what he’s saying is ha hats his actions as a foot solider naw he didn’t pass bruh and reading this you know that. Biggest thing happens to him was death!!”

Wack took things further as he again addressed Tupac’s “gangsta” in 2019. This time around Wack 100 shared a photo of Tupac and Money B with the title that read, “Sooooo Tupac was bisexual 🤔.”

Wack 100 would also write the following in his caption, “Don’t care who it is it ain’t bool!! Now Gangsta this to you f**k ni**as on my page talking this 2Pac sh*t! Understand this please Wack don’t give 2 f**ks bout giving a f**k. Now comment on this g*y a** sh*t!!!! Money B Baaaaaaby.”

Tupac isn’t the only rapper Wack 100 has trashed over the past few years. Nipsey Hussle, Master P and Meek Mill have all been on Wack’s hit list. Now J. Prince has had enough of Wack’s comments bashing many who have contributed to the hip hop culture.

Prince has cemented his name in hip hop history. A major contribution to the culture was his Rap-A-Lot records which many called home. Artists such as Pimp C, Yukmouth, Hussein Fatal, Big Syke, Trae The Truth, Scarface, Outlawz and others have put out music via Rap-A-Lot records.

“I’m a ni**a that stand for the culture,” J-Prince said on Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast. “I love the Hip Hop culture. You know, I put in a lot of work. I put in a lot of work where the Hip Hop culture is concerned. I blazed a trail. When I see one trying to shi* on 2Pac, trying to sh*t on Nipsey, trying to sh*t on the homie Big U out there, trying to sh*t on Master P — good ni**as, real ni**as — Meek Mill.”

J. Prince also referred to Wack as “Rat100” and called the controversial manager a flat out liar by trying to change the truth. “I see a n-gga get on a podcast with another rat and go off on 21 Savage. I’m like, ‘Oh this ni**a got diarrhea of the mouth.’ He like full of sh*t, right. He the type of ni**a that will take a sh*t in the bed and blame it on the baby. Imagine that. You take a raw sh*t in the bed and say, ‘That’s the baby sh*t.’ This is how he go about trying to change the narrative and different sh*t about the truth.”


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