Tupac’s GF Cheating With R&B Singer Caused Bald Head, Not Alopecia?

Appearing on VLAD TV, Albert Hughes recalls the reason why Tupac shaved his head bald and perhaps debunking the notion that it was alopecia.

Months after the release of the Emmy nominated docuseries Dear Mama, the conversation of Tupac and alopecia continues to be a hot topic. In the 5-part series directed by Allen Hughes, the reasoning for Tupac going bald was explained, as alopecia was the culprit. Although it had been circulating on the internet years prior to the docuseries, die hard fans find it hard to believe. Many have pointed out Tupac’s prison interview where the rapper is seen with a complete head full of hair showing no signs of the hair loss disease.

What is Alopecia?

Alopecia areata is a disease that causes hair loss. The disease at this time cannot be cured, but treatment can help with some regrowth of the hair. It is also possible for hair to grow back on its own without experiencing another episode of hair loss. (Source)

While friends and family have confirmed Tupac was suffering from alopecia, perhaps it became a reality towards the last months of his life. Whether it was due to stress or a disease, Tupac’s infamous bald look is forever linked to the rap icon.

Tupac bald cut on the set of Gridlock'd
Tupac bald cut on the set of Gridlock’d

Albert Hughes, as he had already touched on in a previous interview, recalled the very first time he felt Tupac shaved his head bald. A shocking moment which Albert says occurred due to a jealous rage when Tupac found out he had been cheated on.

According to Albert Hughes, he and his brother Allen helped to break the news to Shakur. “We told him about this really famous R&B guy who was messing with a pretty famous female… eh fairly famous female rapper. And earlier that day we told him, not knowing that he had been with her,” explained Albert on VLAD TV. “And he went into a pretty… yeah it was a pretty or almost jealous fuel rage about it. But he was drunk.”

“He said some things that I can’t repeat, because he was kind of disparaging her and saying, ‘You tell him, I did this to her.’ And we’re like well we don’t even know this n****. We’re just doing our second or first, our second or third music video, whatever it was at the time,” said Albert jokingly.

Albert also believes the head shaving incident occurred either the night or day after the Hughes Brothers watched the movie Juice with Tupac Shakur. It was the very first time Shakur had watched himself on the big screen.

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