Tupac: The Legend Photo Book Released By French-Algerian Photographer

Photographer Michel Haddi releases Tupac: the Legend, a collection of never-before-seen photos of Tupac Shakur.

Released on the 27th year anniversary of Tupac’s tragic demise, Tupac: The Legend gives fans an inside look into the rap icon through never-before-seen photos. Shot by 30 year veteran photographer Michel Haddi, back in 1993. As Tupac prepared for the release of his co-starring film, Poetic Justice, the two met and the shoot would take place at Haddi’s home in Los Angeles.

Tupac: The Legend Photo Book Released By French-Algerian Photographer

“I didn’t know much about his music. I was much more interested in him,” the photographer told CNN in an exclusive interview who unfortunately does not have the negatives from the shoot. “All the negatives got stolen at the lab (in 1993 when the photos were developed). Everything has been in storage for 28 years but we recently found some Polaroids and some contact sheets, then a few weeks ago my wife Sarah opened another box and found some original prints from the shoot which have never been seen before. Looking at them carefully, you can see the mildew starting to eat the paper.”

At Tupac’s request, John Singleton was also present for the photoshoot. “I asked him: ‘Are you okay with that? I want to dress you in a black suit, white shirt and black tie’. John (Singleton) asked why, saying ‘I don’t really see Tupac like Martin Luther King’. So I said, ‘All right, I think that you want to take the photograph, here’s my camera.’ Tupac was sensitive and an artist, and he said ‘John please, leave the man alone, let him work’. We did the pictures and got along very well, working for two or three hours,” explained Haddi.

Sales for Tupac: The Legend are currently on due to high demand. Fans can expect to purchase the photo book at the end of October 2023. For more info click here and stay tuned to for updates.

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