Yo-Yo Recalls Tupac Saving Her In Mexico After Being Held Hostage

Hip Hop legend, Yo-Yo, recently spoke about her relationship with Tupac and the time she was held hostage in Mexico.

During the early to mid nineties, Hip Hop artist Yo-Yo, was a notable female rapper who gave us hits like “You Can’t Play with My Yo-Yo” and “Black Perl”. Tupac would also make a cameo appearance on Patra’s music video for ‘Romantic Call‘, which featured Hip Hop artist Yo-Yo. Riding around in a 1964 Chevy Impala, Shakur is seen sitting between reggae artist Patra and Yo-Yo, as they cruise down the streets of California. Although the music video was shot in Jamaica as well, Tupac’s cameo appearance along with Yo-Yo was filmed in Cali.

It was during these times that she also formed a bond with Tupac Shakur. Before dating the Hip Hop icon, Yo-Yo first fell in love with his music. The two became great friends which later ended up in a relationship, which turned into just a friendship.

Yo-Yo and Tupac
Tupac and Yo-Yo (Romantic Call Music Video)

Speaking with Jazmyn Summers, Yo-Yo elaborated on the relationship. “We were in love and we loved each other till the day he died. Pac became a brother to me. Nothing really happened. We were just two people on the road who found each other, fell in love with each other,” Yo-Yo explained. “We spent many nights on the road. Of course you know I spent half of my life on the road. So, meeting someone who was just like me, hearing his stories, hearing that he wasn’t perfect nor was he trying to be.  He wasn’t afraid to talk about his community,  about his parents, stuff that people don’t what to hear about, stuff people don’t want to talk about. People don’t want to talk about their truth. That kind of love he had for truth made me love him more. ”

One of those times on the road, Tupac and Yo-Yo was held hostage in Mexico. “They locked us in. We went to Mexico for a show and they tried to kidnap us,” Yo-Yo recalls. “I had just came from Germany. They had locked all of our stuff in the room. My brother had to break us out. They shot at the tour bus. We finally got out, the show never happened. They didn’t have the money. They literally tried to hold us hostage. Locked me in the dressing room. Tupac and my brother and them tried to get me out.” After busting out the room, Yo-Yo was able to escape as they all headed out on the tour bus.


During the interview Yo-Yo also touched on the “love” Tupac had for Jada Pinkett Smith. “Tupac had a love for Jada but he had a love for women,” she continued. “Anyone he dealt with he loved. He had many loves. He loved sincerely and if he gave you a piece of him you would remember. He probably slept with some of my friends, but we all love him. He had a rule for me that we couldn’t hang out too much on the road, but he would always sneak my sister out. I’d wake up in the middle of the night and she’d be gone, I would beep him and beep her, and they wouldn’t answer and I would be like stop taking my sister out. I’m responsible for her.”


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