Biggie’s Plans To Join Tupac’s Thug Life Group Stopped By Diddy

Appearing on Cam Capone News, E.D.I. Mean recalls Diddy stopping Biggie Smalls from joining Tupac Shakur’s Thug Life rap group.

Spending his early days in New York along with Tupac Shakur, E.D.I. Mean experienced many of Tupac and Biggie’s early interactions. In fact, E.D.I.’s early introduction into hip hop as an artist was witnessing Tupac and Biggie record as Doug E. Fresh and others were in attendance.

E.D.I. also had the opportunity to jump on the record “Runnin” produced by Easy Mo Bee featuring Tupac, Biggie, Dramacydal, Stretch and Buju Banton. Biggie, who had yet to become the Notorious B.I.G., was looking for his breakout moment and was interested in joining Tupac’s Thug Life rap group.

Biggie's Plans To Join Tupac's Thug Life Group Stopped By Diddy
E.D.I. Mean (Cam Capone News)

“BIG wanted to be in Thug Life and Pac wanted him to be apart of Thug Life. Wanted him on the album. I think it was some clearance issues with Puff at the time. He didn’t want BIG put too much material out, before putting his s*** out,” explained E.D.I. “Pac couldn’t get him on the album.”

“During this time you gotta understand, Puff’s situation was in limbo. He had just left Upton records. He hadn’t gotten that new deal yet, but he had Biggie as an artist. And BIG, you know, he was trying to figure it out,” said E.D.I. on Cam Capone News. “He’s not the Notorious B.I.G. yet.”

According to the Outlawz member, Biggie was fully aware of Tupac’s superstardom. Shakur had already released an album and starred in a movie. As Puffy figured out his next “home” when it came to a record label, Biggie patience was growing thin.

“I’m sure BIG was loyal to Puff and he wanted to wait and actually ‘Pac was one of the people that told him to wait. Like, ‘Nah Puff is gonna make you a star.’ I was a witness to that conversation. ‘Pac was like, ‘Nah chill. Puff will make you a star. He know what he’s doing. Just be patient. It’s all going to work out. Just being in an encouraging energy for BIG. He was feeling kind of desperate at the time,” E.D.I. Mean said. “And this was around the time where you’ve heard the stories, ‘Pac was letting him come and open up shows. This was all around that same time. One thing about ‘Pac, he was not a hater. He wanted to see everyone win.”

Biggie Smalls eventually blew up with his hit single “Juicy.” Unfortunately shortly after Tupac and Biggie’s friendship came to an end. The two artists would only record two songs together in “Runnin” and “House of Pain.

“I don’t ever recall ‘Pac saying BIG set me up or BIG had something to do with me being shot. He did not say that. What was said was, he felt he could have gotten more support. Because you know, you’re my man and this is your town. He felt at the time he should have gotten more support, respect and loyalty from them,” E.D.I. said.


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