EDI Mean of Tupac’s Outlawz Angers Keefe D On Vlad TV

Keefe D appears on Vlad TV where he is angered when asked a question by E.D.I. Mean of Tupac Shakur’s Outlawz.

Uncle to the alleged killer of Tupac Shakur, Keefe D, has been interviewed on various platforms. Many have been surprised by his appearances where he has freely answered questions about his past.

Keefe D has also not shied away from detailing the infamous night in Vegas on September 7, 1996. The 59-year-old Compton native was in the car alongside his nephew Orlando Anderson when Suge Knight‘s BMW was shot up, ultimately taking the life of Tupac.

EDI Mean of Tupac's Outlawz Angers Keefe D On Vlad TV
Keefe D (Vlad TV)

Appearing for yet another interview on Vlad TV, Keefe D was asked one question that had not been asked before. Not only was the question unique, but it was also asked by an unlikely individual.

E.D.I. Mean a host himself of The Outlaw Show, asked Keefe D a question via recorded video.

“If had one question, I would ask Keefe D if he is an admitted gangster like he said, why is he doing so many interviews. I was always told gangsters move in silence,” said E.D.I. Mean on the video clip uploaded on Sunday May 7th.

Clearly angered by the question, Keefe D claims he has no choice but to defend himself via various interviews.

“This dude right here hasn’t been through half the s** I been through. These rappers always have something to say,” Keefe D said. ” He need to shut the f*** up.”

Back in the summer of 2020, EDI appeared on Vlad TV where he said he didn’t view Keefe D as an enemy.

“Nah. And if I did, I definitely wouldn’t say it on camera,” explained E.D.I. Mean.


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