Fredro Starr: Tupac, Michael Jordan Bald Cut Inspired By Onyx

Appearing on VLAD TV, Fredro Starr talks about Tupac and Michael Jordan’s decision to go bald because of legendary hip hop group Onyx.

Interviewed by Shawn Perez for VLAD TV, Fredro Starr became aware that Tupac’s decision to sport a bald cut was inspired by Onyx. According to the interviewer, E.D.I. Mean, childhood friend of Tupac and member of the Outlawz, gave insight to the bald cut when speaking to Vlad.

“Vlad told me something crazy,” said Shawn Perez on the 4 minute clip. “Is this true? He said E.D.I. Mean was like, ‘Yo Tupac shaved his head because he saw ya’ll and what ya’ll was doing with the shaved heads back in the days. Is that true?”

Tupac as Bishop in Juice (1992
Tupac as Bishop in Juice (1992)

After bursting onto the scene in the early 90s, no one can deny Onyx influence and impact on the game from the start. Their unique sound and rapping delivery resulted in countless hits and claiming a Best Rap Album at the Soul Train Music Awards for their debut album Bacdafucup.

“Probably that and probably his hair line was receding. No disrespect to ‘Pac, but that n***** hair line was, nah mean. You saw Juice n****,” Fredro Starr said jokingly. “I would’ve cut my s*** too. I’m waiting for LeBron to cut his too. Come on LeBron. Come to the dark side.”

After Juice Tupac indeed traded in his “360 degree of Knowledge” cut for his infamous bald look. Throughout his epic career, only one time was Tupac seen with hair again, unfortunately during the 11 months he spent locked up as seen on the interview footage entitled The Lost Prison Tapes.

E.D.I. Mean’s revelation is far different than Albert Hughes claiming Tupac had shaved his head bald during a jealous rage. According to Albert, he and his brother Allen invited Tupac to an earlier screening of the movie Juice. This would be the first time Tupac saw his own movie. After the movie and at the hotel is when Tupac shaved his head bald.

“We go back to the hotel and he goes into this jealous rage. Some other famous girl he was messing with and he found out that some other famous guy was messing with her. And, he called us to his room and we go to his room and it was the first time that we’ve seen he shaved his hair in a drunken rage,” Albert explains. “That was also the very first time we saw his dark side, the jealousy, the rage, the pettiness kind of stuff.”

Continuing his proclamation that Tupac’s bald cut was inspired by Onyx, Fredro Starr also threw Michael Jordan into the mix. “Ask Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan cut his hair because of us. Michael Jordan cut his hair bald because of Onyx. Do the knowledge n****,” said Fredro as he was questioned by Shawn Perez who said the timing was off. “I know for a fact. What year did Michael Jordan cut his hair?”

According to ESPN, Jordan went bald in 1989 after managing a receding hairline, four years prior to Onyx bursting onto the scene with their hit single Slam.

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