Joe Budden Picks Tupac Over Nas, Biggie Smalls In Verzuz

Joe Budden and his co-hosts debate whether or not Nas and Biggie Smalls would be able to compete with Tupac in Verzuz.

On a previous episode of the Joe Budden podcast, Tupac Verzuz Biggie Smalls was up for debate. “I think ‘Pac would end Nas on a Verzuz and beat BIG in a Verzuz bad,” Joe Budden said. “BIG died too soon to play with ‘Pac in a Verzuz. I juts think he died too soon.”

Tupac who passed away at the age of 25, left us with four studio albums, one of which was a double album in ‘All Eyez On Me.’ Biggie Smalls on the other hand died at the age of 24-years-old and left us with his debut album and a double album for his sophomore release.

Joe Budden Picks Tupac Over Nas, Biggie Smalls In Verzuz
Joe Budden (YouTube/Joe Budden TV)

Known for his unmatched work ethic, Tupac has also released six posthumous studio albums, three of which are double albums and not included his Greatest Hits project which is also a double album and features unrelease music.

Co-hosts of the podcast also made the argument that Tupac’s albums were more diverse than Nas and Biggie and perhaps Tupac’s Greatest Hits disc 1 would be enough to win a Verzuz. Biggie not having the required 20 hits was also part of the argument as to why Tupac would destroy Biggie in a Verzuz. “I won’t disrespect BIG like that, respect in peace to ‘Pac and BIG, but the more I think about it…,” Budden said.

This wasn’t the first time a potential Tupac Verzuz Biggie was up for a debate. Back in the summer of 2020, co-founder Timbaland took to Instagram asking his followers about a possible Tupac Verzuz Biggie showdown.

Timbaland added to the anticipation with his post of Tupac and Biggie’s catalog going head-to-head with 20 songs for each of them. A list that featured hits such as ‘Hail Mary,’ ‘Juicy,’ ‘California Love,’ and ‘Sky’s The Limit.’

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  1. When Budden utters something, it is almost certain to be absurd and the same goes for DJ aKademik(s)…they appeal to the type of person that swallows all they hear.
    Not my cup of tea!

    Add to the space, will ya!!

    They almost attempt to appear dumb but they are far from it.


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