Kevin Hart Is Asked To Choose Between Tupac And DMX

Kevin Hart appeared on Drink Champs where he participated on “Quicktime Wit Slime” forcing the comedian to choose between Tupac and DMX.

Every guest on Drink Champs hosted by Nore and DJ Efn, has the option of either answering a question or taking a drink. Kevin Hart appeared to be cursing right along, as he did not opt to drink for the first few questions. Questions that had him choosing between Nas or Jay-Z, which Hart selected Hov, stating Jay-Z “is rap.”

Up next was another pair of iconic rappers, DMX and Tupac Shakur. After a few seconds pondering who to select, Kevin Hart finally gave in and decided to take a drink as he was unable to choose either rapper. “This is one where I’m going to have to take a shot,” Hart said on Drink Champs. “I’m gonna have to take a shot on this one. F**k that’s a tough one.”

Kevin Hart Is Asked To Choose Between Tupac And DMX
Kevin Hart (YouTube/Drink Champs)

Previous guests such as Havoc of Mobb Deep, Black Sheep, Styles P, Twista, Money B and Shyheim have all been asked to choose between Tupac and DMX. Many of those guests were able to choose as they went with the artist they had a closer connection with.

Hart was also asked to choose between two of his close “brothers,” Will Smith and Ice Cube. Despite Nore suggested Hart can accept a drink rather than having to choose, Kevin Hart declined. “I don’t need to drink,” Hart said. “Dark times deserve f**king great light.”

After selecting Will Smith over Ice Cube, Hart explained why, “Will Smith is a f**king… not only is he a legend, not only is he a goat. Will Smith is the reason why the idea of African American is tied to global I.P. is normal. Studios took the gamble on more leads of color because of the work that Will Smith and Denzel were doing in the beginning.”


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