Lil Cease Recalls Tupac’s “Hit ‘Em Up,” Young Noble Responds

Young Noble of the Outlawz responds to Lil Cease recent interview where the Brooklyn rapper recalls hearing Tupac’s diss record Hit ‘Em Up.

According to Lil Cease, it was all love for Tupac since the beginning. As Tupac and Biggie formed a connection off BIG’s 1993 hit single Party and Bulls***, Shakur would often visit Brooklyn. Despite his fame, and unlike other artists, Tupac had no problem going to Fulton street in Brooklyn to hang with Biggie and Lil Cease.

Talib Kweli and Lil Cease (People's Party podcast)
Talib Kweli and Lil Cease (People’s Party podcast)

Unfortunately things turned for the worse, and Tupac was robbed and shot at Quad Studios in 1994. An event that forever changed Biggie and Tupac’s relationship. Reflecting on those times was Lil Cease who appeared on People’s Party podcast hosted by Talib Kweli.

Lil Cease reacts to Hit ‘Em Up

When asked about Tupac’s iconic diss record Hit ‘Em Up, Lil Cease says he wasn’t surprised that Tupac did not “bite his togue,” but was surprised how far Shakur went on the record.

“I actually understood him. I knew what he was about. Once I knew the situation was coming, we knew him enough to know he’s gonna speak on s***. He don’t bite his tongue. He don’t hold back for nothing. He’s gonna speak his mind. We just didn’t think he was gonna go that hard,” explained Lil Cease on People’s Party podcast.

As Hit ‘Em Up sent shockwaves throughout the music industry, Biggie Smalls instructed Junior Mafia not to respond. According to Lil Cease, Biggie was hoping he would connect with Tupac and come to an understanding. “We ready to make a song,” said Lil Cease. “But, BIG was like nah. That’s not the energy we are trying to bring to the table.”

Young Noble of the Outlawz became aware of Lil Cease’s recent interview as the Brooklyn rapper shared the clip on his IG while shouting out his “Outlaw Brothers.”

“Peace to my brotha @lilcease & @talibkweli. I seen Cease post this yesterday and I wanted to add some insight. First thing is that ‘Pac wanted his beef with BIG to be over before he passed. He hated how the media blew it up into a whole East Vs West feud. It made the fans and industry choose sides. He took responsibility and wanted to change the narrative so he started working on the One Nation album. That album would of changed everything had it came to life how he envisioned it,” said Noble on the caption as re-posted the video clip.

Outlawz and Lil Cease bury the hatchet

Noble would also touch on how Lil Cease and the Outlawz put the beef behind them. Back in 2002, Young Noble and Lil Cease would connect over the phone thanks to a mutual friend. Initially the conversation was heated, but ultimately cooler heads prevailed. As a result, years later, Lil Cease and the Outlawz would record a song together in honor of Tupac and Biggie Smalls.

“Me and @lilcease talked for a few years before we did the song wit Kay Slay and before the public found out we talked. When I got off the phone wit Cease that day in 2002 I called my Outlaw brothers and they all thought it was needed that we talked and everybody agreed that whole situation was dead we moving forward with positivity!,” said Noble.

Appearing on DJ Kay Slay’s 2011 Rhyme Or Die, the Outlawz and Lil Cease linked for the song Bury The hatchet. Lil Cease also detailed his conversation with Young Noble on the People’s Party podcast. “I wanted to say somethings to him cause I knew how close he was to ‘Pac. I wanted to let him know somethings that he probably did not know about or some things that probably got read wrong or understood wrong,” said Lil Cease.

As Lil Cease and the Outlawz were able to mature and let the beef rest in the past, Young Noble stated he is disappointed in fans who rather see the two sides at odds.

Young Noble disappointed in the fans

“The most heartbreaking thing for me was once it was public was the reaction of our so called 2pac and Outlawz fan base. We was immediately attacked, hated on, and we was called every name in the book. They called me a trader and said I’m not a real Outlaw. They said Pac rollin over in his grave and all kind of s***. I even received death threats. It was then I realized our fans aren’t real fans. They are miserable people who would rather see us at war for the rest of our lives and kill each other simply for their entertainment. Instead of being happy that us young, beautiful, hardworking, black men had a real conversation and realized none of it was worth it and we chose peace and life over the nonsense,” wrote Noble.

Hussein Fatal, Lil Cease, Young Noble (Bury The Hatchet music video)
Hussein Fatal, Lil Cease, Young Noble (Bury The Hatchet music video)

Lil Cease dropped a comment and showed nothing but love and support for Noble. “Nutting but love for you and the Outlawz brother… some people won’t understand, but we do and that’s what matters.. salute always king #MafiaOutlawz ✊🏾🫡🦾.”

Outlawz Mafia?

Back in 2022, Lil Cease appeared on VLAD TV where he revealed the two sides are looking to take things even further. “Hopefully we gonna try to put this Outlaw Mafia project together. A little 6 or 7 songs EP,” Lil Cease said. “I think the game need that, cause to see how far we came. I think the new generation needs to see that. New generation be ready to kill each other off a Instagram or Tweet. If we can overcome this, ya’ll should be able to overcome ya’ll s***. We lost our head leaders to our crews.”

Lil Cease also revealed that he was suppose to be on the Outlawz One Nation album. “They sent me a joint to get on,” Cease said. It appears the Brooklyn rapper was unable to turn in his verse for the project, as he did not make the final cut. The Outlawz released the album back in September of 2021, with their lead single featuring Xzibit.


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